Director Aneek Chaudhuri has just wrapped the shoot of his upcoming Hindi feature film titled ‘The Zebras’. The film stars Sharib Hashmi, Priyanka Sarkar and Usha Banerjee in lead roles. In this section, we will be highlighting a feature on one of our female leads, Usha Banerjee.

Usha Banerjee has portrayed the character of a documentary photographer who is braving the character of a narcissistic artist who is in the spree of misleading the city of Kolkata. Brought up in a posh family of Central Kolkata, Usha’s character (Apeksha) meets a beggar and begins to exploit him through her vintage lens.

The film is mostly shot in Chinatown, Kolkata and it carries the flare of that area. Usha Banerjee roams around the dark streets of the city and brings in a chaotic perspective to the whole frame.

As per the director, “Usha has portrayed a landscape of emotions; she is layered, nuanced, and balanced when it comes to portraying the character. This is like our third film together and she has played an important part in the inception process. She is real good here.”

Usha is a trained classical dancer and has been into acting since long. Her performance was applauded earlier in various international film festivals too.

Most parts, she has travelled through real and surreal worlds and presented a narrow escape for the audiences. The film is produced by Yulin Productions.

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