When Royale Impex decided to do Acetech 2023, they were clear they wanted their space to be more than just a marketing booth. Designed by Zoish Contractor, the display space created an amphitheatre that became a space fostering a sense of community spirit.  As you walked in, the openness of the display allowed for a natural interaction with the marble pieces and slabs. For the possible clients, the display made it easier to understand the scale and imagine the material in their utility in different spaces.

This exhibit of marble slabs also included a diverse colour range including magnificent shades blues and greens, beautifully cut to show off their fascinating veining. The idea was to break the stereotypes and a safe idea that marble slabs are just a flooring solution and can be used in subtle colours only.

To curate a surreal amalgamation of stunning marble pieces from across the globe is a form of art; and this curation was an immersive experience of the versatile beauty of these natural wonders. Every piece, had been carefully handpicked by the team to make you experience the beauty of living with luxury.

Conceptualized with a hope to get more people to interact with materials and recognise their beauty and versatility. We believe that Royale Impex’s Adit Agarwal and Sanjana Kumar along with the architect Zoish Contractor (Studio Branch Design) were successful in doing so with their marble collection.


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