She is a lifestyle Blogger, fashionista, fitness inclined mother who has mastered the art of creating a perfect blend of all her talents through her iconic blog (@mum_in_vogue). She has collaborated with leading brands and given guest appearances. In her genuine efforts to help mothers build happy frugal lives for their families, she defines feminism well.

“Everyone holds capacity of doing something unique“

What encouraged you to be a blogger?

“Having sailed around the world with my Captain, I have observed different cultures closely for their fashion and lifestyle beliefs.  People around me loved what I wore and how I recreated my outfits. They would seek my advice concerning dressing, carrying themselves well, and interiors.  I used to get confused at times, “oh, why are they copying me?” only to realize at a later stage, I was born to influence people with my choices as the impact was natural.”

How do you decide what to promote on your page?

“I live my life in black and white and in the same way, I avoid brands that aren’t transparent with the audience. I love to stand up for my endorsements, wouldn’t do it just for the sake of putting anything out there on my followers’ feed.”

How easy it is for a mom to walk this less chosen path?

“Super easy! Mom-life has taught me how to multitask, be present in more than one place mentally and be more patient, towards myself and others. These superpowers help me dream big and achieve more. Being a perfectionist myself, I have gradually learnt how to embrace motherhood and be free of mom guilt.”

What does content creation mean to you and how do you choose to create unique content?

“Creativity is in my blood and when it comes to creating content, it is as if I have found ‘my calling’. For creating unique content, my thumb rule is to be original.”

What skincare routine do you swear by and would suggest?

“Hydrate! Inside and outside. Drink plenty of water and use hyaluronic acid on the skin. Coconut oil works excellently if following organic skin care. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Unfortunately, It’s the most underrated skin care product.”

How do you feel about being awarded as “Best Female Lifestyle digital creator 2022”?

“I am grateful to each one of my followers, my team, my family and the Almighty. God has always blessed me with more than I deserve. It makes me overwhelmed to realize my hard work is materializing.”

Any message or tips for upcoming bloggers and influencers?

“Be real and stay true to the person you see in mirror every day. Manifest your dreams when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Take the chance, for you may succeed at what you aim for but if you don’t, the experience will be the biggest takeaway and that’s priceless.

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