Laguna Beach, CA, November 05, 2023 –(– In the wake of the lawsuit surrounding alleged collusion and commission inflation in the real estate industry, where Realtors were found liable for $1.8 billion in damages for conspiring to keep commissions high, ShopProp, led by CEO Rob Luecke, reemphasizes its steadfast commitment to transparency, fairness, and consumer empowerment in the real estate industry. For over 15 years, ShopProp has been at the vanguard, challenging murky industry practices and advocating for full disclosure in real estate transactions.

“Our journey began with a clear intent: To make real estate transparent, inexpensive, frictionless and just. It’s more than just resisting commission norms; it’s about ensuring consumers have the information and flexibility they deserve,” comments Rob Luecke, CEO of ShopProp.

A Critical Warning for Buyers:

Buyers should be on alert for an emerging trend, sparked by internal industry conversations following the recent lawsuit. There’s anticipation that agents will soon begin compelling clients to sign “Buyer’s Agency Agreements” more frequently. Though this may appear to be just a procedural change, the underlying implications are significant. The concern is that many agents might not provide full disclosure about the true nature of these agreements. By prematurely signing, buyers could inadvertently bind themselves to an agent, potentially saddling themselves with an obligation to pay a set commission, even if they later encounter more attractive commission rates elsewhere. As this trend unfolds, it’s vital for buyers to remain informed and tread with caution.

ShopProp’s unique offerings include:

– Free Listings: Empowering sellers with cost-effective listing solutions.

– Buyer’s Agent Commission Transparency: Championing against mandating sellers to offer buyer’s agent commissions.

– Generous Rebates: ShopProp takes pride in returning the majority of the buyer’s agent commission back to its clients.

– Transparent Service Commitments: ShopProp stands out as one of the rare agencies that publicly display its earnings, what clients pay, and the level of service they can expect.

– Unmatched Flexibility: Believing in the principle that clients should be free to walk away if unsatisfied or if they’ve found a better commission rate elsewhere, ShopProp is unique in offering a cancel-anytime policy for both buying and selling.

Rob Luecke notes, “Why should clients be shackled to a service they find subpar or if they’ve found a better commission rate elsewhere? The idea that consumers can be bound without their explicit agreement, as seen with practices like procuring cause, is downright absurd.”

The procuring cause doctrine, which attempts to tether buyers to specific agents without proper disclosure or documentation, exemplifies the industry’s opacity. This not only obfuscates commission responsibilities but also entraps buyers without their knowledge.

The long-held industry adage, “The seller pays the commission,” is misleading. Both the buyer and seller bear this cost, and it’s vital that the industry acknowledges this whole truth.

“While the current lawsuit is a step forward, there’s much ground to cover,” adds Luecke.

ShopProp remains optimistic that with collective efforts, the real estate sector can shed its antiquated practices and fully embrace a transparent and client-centric approach.

About ShopProp:

ShopProp is a trailblazing real estate agency committed to full transparency and client empowerment. With a rich history of challenging traditional practices in the industry, ShopProp offers unparalleled service offerings that prioritize client needs and flexibility. Learn more at

Press Contact:

Rob Luecke

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