To double the fun of this Holi, Record Label Music Company Musical Shell has gifted people this time on Holi a song named Holi Aai Re, It’s an amazing Dancing Number. The owner of Musical Shell and Playback Singer Mangal Dubey said that Me and playback singer Shikha Joshi, both of us have performed this song by heart and we are sure that people will love this song.

In this song, Actor and TV presenter Neel Siwal is seen dancing along with actress Sakshi Bal Shankar. Mumbai director Jitendra Singh Tanwar, who came into the limelight due to his unique direction skills, has directed this song. Jitendra Singh Tanwar has previously directed many music videos, serials and films, the Dance Director and Choreographer of this song are Lucky and Prem who have done well. The song is out on Musical Shell’s official YouTube channel and is receiving tremendous love from the audience & listeners.


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