Kapil Dev has urged Team India to lift themselves up from the disappointment of not winning the World Cup.

It’s been a rough 60 hours since India’s defeat in the World Cup 2023 final but the outpour of emotions, messages and wishes for Team India continues. People are disappointed but despite the heartbreak, they are making sure they get behind the 15 players who gave it their everything over the last 45 odd days. India may not have won the World Cup, leading to a nationwide-meltdown but the brand of cricket they played – winning 10 matches in a row without being challenged much – will be the Men in Blue’s everlasting image from this just-concluded World Cup.

While the players continue to be in pain, the legendary Kapil Dev has echoed the entire nation’s sentiments and urged Team India to overcome the heartbreak. The post-match visuals of Rohit Sharma and Mohammed Shami in tears and the shattered looks on the faces of Virat Kohli, KL Rahul and everyone else was a tough pill to swallow but Kapil, India’s first World Cup winning, believes sportsmen should not allow one defeat – irrespective of the magnitude – to weigh them down.

“Sportsmen have to move on. You can’t cling on to one setback your entire life. Fans can do this, but not sportsmen. You have to plan for the next day. We can’t undo what has happened but just keep working hard. That’s what sportspersons are all about,” Kapil, the former India all-rounder and captain, told reporters on the sidelines of an event to inaugurate the Centre for Advanced Sports Rehabilitation at BLK-Max Super-Specialty hospital.

Kapil had no shortage of words to acknowledged and appreciate the quality of cricket India played throughout the tournament. They finished the league stage unbeaten and as the top-ranked team having run opponents roughshod. Just the margin of victories – 100 runs against England, bowling South Africa out for 83 – easily made them the best team in the tournament by quite some distance. Yes, that India couldn’t get over the line will pinch but there’s looking back at such a marauding campaign, their hearts would fill with nothing but pride.

“I don’t have to say anything. You have seen everything already. When you lose, people say all kind of things, but when they win, everything becomes quiet. That’s why let us appreciate the fact that they played wonderful cricket. Yes, we couldn’t cross the final hurdle but the perfect sportsman learns from this experience,” added Kapil.

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