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European Cheeses Shine Bright in India with their ‘Full of Character’ Campaign


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The European Milk Forum (EMF), and the French Dairy Board (CNIEL), representing exquisite European cheeses, launched their ‘Full of Character‘ campaign in India, with aid from the European Union. And it has been a heartfelt celebration of the rich heritage, outstanding quality, and irresistible flavours of French cheese, including iconic varieties such as Brie, Comté, Camembert, Emmental, Blue cheese, Raclette which won the hearts and palates of cheese enthusiasts across India. To kick-off this campaign, CNIEL has hosted an influencer workshop, a networking event, and a culinary workshop, so far

Cheese Buffet

‘Full of Character’, which is a three-year-long campaign, pays homage to the artistry and craftsmanship inherent in European cheese-making. With more than 1200 cheese varieties available in France, the campaign showcases the diverse range of flavours, textures, and aromas that have made these types of cheese cherished delights on tables worldwide. This campaign aims to educate consumers about the intricacies of French cheese and inspire them to embrace the joy of savouring each of these delectable creations.


Implemented by the CNIEL, a series of captivating events and experiences were organized to fully immersed cheese enthusiasts in the enchanting world of French cheese. The influencer workshop brought together prominent voices, such as chefs and food influencers, to experience the allure of French cheese through interactive tastings and masterclasses led by Best Awarded Cheesemonger, Francois Robin. Also hosted were networking event for media and industry people to highlight the artistry and dedication that go into producing top-quality French cheeses.

Cheese Specialist Francois Robin with Students During Culinary Workshop


In keeping with their commitment to sustainability and responsible production, the French dairy sector emphasises their dedication to animal welfare, and environmental stewardship through the campaign. Local French farmers and cheesemakers ensured the highest quality standards while upholding the values of authenticity and environmental responsibility.

We take great pride in being at the forefront of supplying French cheeses to India. Our campaign, showcasing the diversity and quality of French cheeses, underscores our unwavering commitment to the Indian market. As we celebrate the success of our recent initiatives, we are eager to explore the boundless possibilities that await us,” said Laurent Damien, Deputy General Manager at the CNIEL and Chairman of EMF.

‘Full of Character’ campaign will also be accompanied by an extensive social media presence that showcase the vast variety and unparalleled quality of French cheeses. Through social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, the European Milk Forum plans to encourage enthusiasts to share their experiences, recipes, and love for French cheese, and foster a vibrant and engaged community of cheese connoisseurs.

In the coming months, as part of the ‘Full of Character’ campaign, CNIEL plans to host several such interactive tastings, influencer campaigns on social media, in-store promotions, and more, to give Indians a taste of French cheese.

Global Leaders and Innovators in Tackling the Climate Crisis Come Together to Judge Ground-breaking Student Competition


Oxford University Press, Digital Camp and Eden Project lend support with lesson plans, events and reach, to inspire action in classrooms across the world


Delhi, India

The Burjeel Holdings Oxford Said Climate Change Challenge, a ground-breaking competition inviting high school students and educators worldwide to contribute their innovative ideas to combat the climate crisis, has today announced a panel of international judges who will review entries to the hotly anticipated competition.
The strong judging panel, made up of influential thought-leaders, founders, CEOs and global entrepreneurs, will collaborate to mark entries from groups of students, aged 15 to 18, presenting their proposals for addressing the climate crisis.
They will also judge entries from high school teachers, who are asked to submit climate change lesson plans that raise awareness and inspire students to think creatively about tackling one of the most pressing concerns of our time.
The panel of judges for the competition includes:

  • Amir Dossal, Founder and President, Global Partnerships Forum, Distinguished Fellow, Health and Healthcare, World Economic Forum
  • Ashley Thomas, Former Innovations Rapid Evaluator, X, The Moonshot Factory*
  • Eleanor Hevey, Associate Director, Centre for Disaster Protection *
  • Elena Branet, CEO and Founder, Digital Camp
  • Fatna Ikrame El Fanne, Environmental Engineer; Co-founder and Director of Projects, Youth For Climate
  • Ishaq Bolarinwa, CEO, Anfani*
  • Juergen Heeg, Managing Director, Hillhouse*
  • Dr. Karan Thakur, Group Sustainability Lead & Vice President – Public Affairs, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.
  • Karuna Singh, Regional Director Asia, Earth Day Network
  • Dr. Lynn Kirkpatrick, CEO, Ensyce Biosciences
  • Dr. Manju Kak, Secretary General, All India Women’s Conference
  • Nadim Matta, Founder and President Emeritus, RE!NSTITUTE, and Co-founder, nafda Lebanon
  • Nicholas Henderson, Director, Essai
  • Nick Valenzia, Founder of Leafr Climate Freelancing*
  • Puja Balachander, Head of Venture Launchpad, Carbon13*
  • Dr. Rajiv Chhibber, Vice President, External Affairs, Sahajanand Medical Technologies
  • Revital Marom, Senior Board Advisor, Digital Camp
  • Sidarth Bali, Assistant Vice President Carbon, ReNew Power
  • Shikhar Malhotra, Director and Board Member, HCL Corporation, Chancellor, Shiv Nadar University
  • Dr. Yubin Park, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, ApolloMed
  • Zoe Cokeliss Barsley, Director of Sustainability, Oxford University Press

*Oxford Said alumni
The Burjeel Holdings Oxford Said Climate Change Challenge culminates in a ceremony for finalists during COP28 in Dubai, later this December – five teams from the student category and five individuals from the teacher category.
They will have the remarkable opportunity to present their solutions to a distinguished audience in Dubai, and the winners will earn a coveted spot in a bespoke program at Oxford Said next year. They will also gain access to a vibrant community of influential entrepreneurs and thought leaders in innovation and social impact from around the world.
The initiative, forged through a partnership between one of Europe’s leading business schools and one of the Middle East’s premier healthcare providers, aims to give young people the visibility and recognition they deserve on the global stage. As the climate crisis looms large, it is crucial to address the challenges that future generations will face in the coming decades.
Speaking about the competition, Amir Dossal, President, Global Partnerships Forum, and Distinguished Fellow, Health & Healthcare, World Economic Forum, said, “The Burjeel Holdings Oxford Said Climate Change Challenge is a remarkable platform for young minds and educators. At a time when the world is dealing with a climate crisis, initiatives like these are the beacons of hope for a better future and resonate deeply with the United Nations vision of empowering youth in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals. By catalysing the next generation’s commitment to climate action, we will increase the chances of restoring our planet back to good health. I am excited to support this competition and I eagerly anticipate reviewing the entries as I believe they carry the seeds of transformative solutions that can shape a more sustainable future.”
Shikhar Malhotra, competition judge; Director and Board Member, HCL Corporation; and Chancellor, Shiv Nadar University, added “As we navigate the complexities of climate change, it is essential to empower the next generation with the knowledge and tools to make a difference. Sustainability is a shared responsibility, and I am thrilled to join this esteemed panel of judges to support and recognize the efforts of these young innovators. I believe that this competition will not only spark creativity but also drive real change in our fight against climate change.”
Echoing the sentiments of fellow judges, Dr. Karan Thakur, Group Lead – Sustainability & ESG and Vice President – Public Affairs at Apollo Hospitals Group, said, “As we grapple with the consequences of climate change, it is crucial to recognize that health is at the forefront of these impacts. The health effects of climate change are far-reaching, from heat-related illnesses to the spread of infectious diseases. It’s heartening to see young minds and educators stepping up to confront this challenge. The innovative ideas generated in this competition may hold the key to healthier lives for generations to come.”
Zoe Cokeliss Barsley, Director of Sustainability, Oxford University Press, added, “Climate change is the defining issue of our time, and the need to find innovative solutions is now critical. The Climate Change Challenge is an incredible opportunity for young people and educators to put their minds to solving the crisis, and to share their ideas on a global stage. I’m delighted to be involved as a judge and I can’t wait to see the ideas they come up with.”
To equip students and teachers in entering the challenge, the Eden Project has offered free access to a lesson plan, ‘Climate Response – Doers, ShoppersLearners, Shouters’ and further teaching resources, to facilitate Climate Conversations in the classroom.
Oxford University Press will be connecting with its extensive reach of teachers and schools across the globe, to encourage them to get involved in the competition.
Digital Camp is engaging its global network of technology and business professionals to support students and teachers to build green tech projects with mentoring.
There will also be a series of free-to-access, live-streamed events, designed to support both students and teachers in their planning, ready to submit their Climate Change Challenge by 15th October:

  • Saturday 23rd September: Digital Camp online workshop for students
  • Wednesday 4th October: Eden Project live event, streamed from the Rainforest Biome in Cornwall, UK

The winning student team and educator will be awarded an exclusive opportunity to attend specially curated courses at Oxford Said in the spring of 2024, located within the prestigious University of Oxford. To learn more about the competition and participate, please visit the Climate Change Challenge website for detailed information.

Oakridge Gachibowli Achieves Silver Tier in Rights-Respecting School Awards


Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Oakridge Gachibowli, a dedicated advocate f

A Rights-Respecting School is an institution that places paramount importance on creating an environment where the rights and well-being of students are at the core of all activities and decision-making. This approach is grounded in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The impact of this rights-based approach at Oakridge International School extends far beyond the school gates. It has led to several critical areas of positive impact for children, including enhanced well-being, active participation, improved relationships, and boosted self-esteem.

At Oakridge in Gachibowli, the well-being of children takes centre stage, resulting in a community where youngsters thrive. Here, children receive an education and enjoy a healthier and happier environment. Safety is paramount, creating a nurturing atmosphere that fosters optimal learning. Beyond academics, Oakridge emphasises the importance of building relationships, encouraging children to connect within the school community and extend their connections beyond. As a result, students become more active and engaged in their school life and the broader world, setting the stage for a promising future.

Receiving the Silver Award is a testimony to our unwavering commitment to nurturing a world where child rights are not only acknowledged but embraced and respected,” Shalini Samuel, CAS Coordinator.

Oakridge, Gachibowli achieved silver Tier recognition in the Rights-Respecting School Awards, showing their commitment to child rights principles. They prioritise children’s well-being, involve students in decisions, and promote inclusivity and diversity. Positive discipline techniques teach children about their rights and responsibilities, preparing them for a responsible future. In addition to academic education, it emphasises life skills such as conflict resolution, communication, and critical thinking. These skills are crucial for the personal development of students and equip them to advocate for their rights and the rights of others.

As OIS-G progresses toward the Gold Tier, it remains committed to creating a school culture that aligns with the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The school’s achievements reflect its dedication to promoting a brighter, more rights-focused future for all children.

To know more about it, visit

About Oakridge International School

Oakridge International School Gachibowli, a Nord Anglia Education School, is a leading premium educational institution. It has the proud privilege of being the pioneer of IB schooling in South India and one of India’s largest providers of IB education. With the experienced and IB-trained faculty, the school has consistently achieved outstanding results, and its students are placed into the world’s leading universities. Oakridge offers PYP, MYP, IBDP, and CBSE curricula and is recognised as one of the best schools in Hyderabad.

r children’s rights, proudly announces that it has achieved the Silver Tier in the prestigious Rights-Respecting School Awards. This remarkable milestone, attained on 30th August 2023, demonstrates Oakridge Gachibowli’s unwavering commitment to promoting and protecting children’s rights in its educational community.


SBI General Insurance Certified as Great Place To Work®


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

SBI General Insurance, one of India’s leading general insurers, has been recognized as a Great Place To Work® Certified™ in India from September 2023 to September 2024 period. The Company was certified after a comprehensive evaluation and assessment process.

It reflects the brand’s values and belief that a happy workforce leads to more creativity, ensures customer satisfaction, and drives business success. This achievement marks a remarkable milestone on the brand’s journey towards becoming an employer of choice and solidifying the reputation as a Great Place To Work®. SBI General Insurance has been dedicated to creating an excellent workplace culture caring about their employees’ well-being, growth, and happiness.

Great Place To Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. Since 1992, they have surveyed more than 100 million employees worldwide and used those deep insights to define what makes a great workplace: trust. Their employee survey platform empowers leaders with the feedback, real-time reporting, and insights they need to make strategic people decisions. The Institute serves businesses, non-profits, and government agencies in more than 60 countries and has conducted pioneering research on the characteristics of great workplaces for over three decades.

Expressing his delight on the recognition, Mr. Kishore Kumar PoludasuMD & CEO, SBI General Insurance said, “We are honored to be recognized as a Great Place To Work®. This acknowledgement reflects the commitment and hard work put forth by our employees. At SBI General, we firmly believe that nurturing talent leads to greater business value. We recognize that achieving excellence involves investing in our employees and fostering a workplace that prioritizes qualities such as fairness, integrity, transparency, and leadership. By implementing forward-thinking policies and practices centered on people, our Company strives to enhance the value it provides to its employees. The Great Place to Work® Certification serves as a confirmation of SBI General’s s commitment to supporting its workforce and delivering top-notch service to its customers.”

In India, the institute partners with more than 1400 organizations annually across over 22 industries to help them build High-Trust, High-Performance Cultures designed to deliver sustained business results. Hundreds of CEOs and CXOs from India Inc. are part of the great place community that is committed to the vision of making India a Great Place To Work® for all.

The Institute’s research shows that great workplaces are characterized by great leadership, consistent employee experience, and sustainable financial performance. These organizations can deliver a consistent experience to all their employees irrespective of their role, gender, tenure, or level. Their leaders believe in the vision of creating and sustaining a Great Place To Work® for all and role models being for all leaders.

Learn more at and on LinkedInTwitterFacebook and Instagram.

About SBI General Insurance Company Limited

SBI General is one of the fastest growing private general insurance companies, with the strong parentage of SBI. We, at SBI General Insurance, are committed to carry forward the legacy of trust and security; and have the vision to become the most trusted general insurer for a transforming India.

Ever since our establishment in 2009, our growth has been exponential in various aspects. We have expanded our presence from 17 branches in 2011 to over 141 branches pan-India. Till date, we have served over 34 crore customers. We have been awarded ‘Insurer of the Year’ in the non-life category at FICCI Insurance Industry Awards, for two consecutive years in 2020 & 2021. In 2022, recognized as the ‘Best General Insurance Company of the Year’ at the ‘Third Emerging Asia Insurance Awards’ organized by the ‘Indian Chamber of Commerce’.
We have a robust multi-distribution model encompassing Bancassurance, Agency, Broking, Retail Direct Channels and Digital tie-ups. The widespread network of distributors like 22437 plus SBI branches, Agents, other financial alliances, OEMs, and multiple digital partners enable us to extend our reach to the pocketed remote areas of India. We offer a bouquet of products spread across various lines of businesses that cater to customers across all segments like Retail, Corporate, SME and Rural, ensuring accessibility via digital as well as physical modes.
SBI General Insurance reported a 17.6% growth in Gross Written Premium (GWP) in FY 2022-23 and the GWP stood at Rs. 10,888 crore.

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