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Parimatch: Your Gateway to Unparalleled Sports Action – Corelook Infotech


In the dynamic world of sports iGaming, finding the ideal platform that not only offers a wide range of sports but also excels in providing a seamless and exhilarating experience can be quite a challenge. Parimatch stands as a true leader in this niche, offering 5000+ sports and casino games along with the fastest withdrawals and a variety of local payment options. In this article, we will highlight the exclusive features that set Parimatch apart in the highly competitive iGaming market and specify how the platform caters to the needs of punters with diverse sport preferences.

Parimatch: Your Gateway to Unparalleled Sports Action

Cricket: Where Every Shot Leads to Success
Parimatch is a true cricket paradise, featuring a monthly lineup of 3700-4000 total events, including 1300-1600 Pre-match events and 700-900 In-Play real events.

And that’s just the beginning of the journey. The platform comprehensively covers a wide spectrum of Asian leagues like the IPL, PSL, Asia Cup, and BPL, as well as global tournaments like the World Cups and well-known leagues like the Big Bash League, T20 Blast, SA20, Caribbean Premier League, and others.

Parimatch’s magic doesn’t end there. With about 350 markets, they transform every match into a thrilling adventure. Users can engage with conventional choices like Match Winner, Toss Winner, and Team Runs, as well as delve into more unique markets such as Total Dots, Boundary in Over, and Total Maidens. It’s a world of choices at your fingertips.

What truly sets Parimatch apart is its commitment to delivering a seamless experience. With lightning-fast streaming and unwavering uptime, you’re always at the heart of the action. Plus, users have the flexibility to choose their preferred odds format, be it European, British, American, Hong Kong, Indonesian, or Malaysian. Your game, your way!

Kabaddi: Unleash the Warrior Spirit
Parimatch takes Kabaddi to the next level by offering the widest line of events and markets in a single match. Throughout the season, you’ll find wagering lines for tournaments like Pro Kabaddi League, Bangabandhu Cup, Yuva Kabaddi Series, Junior Nationals Kabaddi Championship, Asian Championship, K7 Kabaddi, WKL, Khelo India University Games, and many more.

But the excitement doesn’t stop at match winners and total points. Parimatch allows you to bet on various statistical indicators of both players and teams, including Raid Points, Tackle Points, Super Raids, Extra Points, and more. You can also compare players by points, place bets on the tournament winner, and even predict the winner of the draw.

What sets Parimatch apart is its unique virtual Kabaddi league, available for wagering around the clock with zero latency. Additionally, Parimatch offers a line on Ultimate Kho Kho, providing a comprehensive Kabaddi experience that caters to every fan’s preferences. Special orders with custom amounts are also possible, ensuring a personalized and exciting Kabaddi adventure.

Football: Where the Action Never Ends
For football lovers, Parimatch presents an impressive array of real football events, ranging from 16,000 to 20,000 matches per month. What makes Parimatch stand apart is its unwavering dedication to in-play action, with a remarkable 90% of the events being live. This means you can immerse yourself in the game and make informed decisions as the action unfolds.

Parimatch doesn’t limit itself to traditional football. It also offers eFootball (FIFA, ESportsBattle), boasting a staggering 30,000-35,000 events monthly, ensuring access to football action 24/7. With low latency in placing bets (3-4 seconds) for cyberfootball, you can stay at the forefront of the game.

The availability of options based on statistical indicators such as Corners, Yellow cards, Penalties/Red cards, and Players stats adds depth to your football experience. With over 500 football leagues and tournaments to explore, Parimatch caters to the diverse preferences of football fans.

Tennis: Serving Excellence
When it comes to tennis, Parimatch truly excels. It offers an impressive lineup of over 9,000 tennis events every month, covering all the popular tournaments such as the Grand Slam, ATP, WTA, Davis Cup, as well as ITF and UTR Pro matches. Additionally, Parimatch goes the extra mile by providing coverage of cyber tennis matches, with 300-400 events per month.

Parimatch offers a wealth of wagering options, including Aces, Double Faults, Serve Percentage, Total Games, and Handicap, providing an impressive selection of 10-15 choices for each tennis event. This diversity in options ensures ample opportunities for strategic plays and maximizing potential gains.

Esports: A World of Gaming Action

Parimatch transforms the esports landscape with its extensive coverage spanning various categories such as Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, Valorant, PUBG, Rainbow6, and many others. With over 1,000+ events per month for Counter-Strike and similar numbers for other categories, the gaming action is boundless.

Parimatch distinguishes itself by providing a wide range of unique statistical markets, allowing you to delve deep into the gaming universe with personal propositions, maps markets, and combo markets. Low delay when accepting bets ensures that you remain perfectly synchronized with the virtual action, making your gaming experience as seamless as possible.

Wrapping Up 
Trusted by top athletes and celebrities, including its present-day brand ambassadors, the skilled Nicholas Pooran and the charismatic Kajal Aggarwal, Parimatch stands as a beacon of excellence in iGaming. They offer an unparalleled array of sports and events, diverse wagering options, and a commitment to seamless sporting experiences. Whether your passion is cricket, football, tennis, kabaddi, or esports, Parimatch caters to your desires. Join Parimatch today and elevate your iGaming passion to new heights.

Here’s how Bajaj Finserv Mutual Fund uses behavioural finance in its investment philosophy – Corelook Infotech


In the world of finance, emotions and human psychology often play an important role in shaping investment decisions and market behaviour. Understanding the relationship between these psychological factors and financial markets is the essence of behavioural finance. Behavioural finance offers valuable insights into why investors often make irrational decisions and how these decisions impact investment outcomes.

Bajaj Finserv Mutual Fund has recognized the importance of behavioural finance and integrated its principles into its investment philosophy. In this article, we will take a look at how Bajaj Finserv Mutual Fund leverages behavioural finance to provide value to its investors.

The foundation of behavioural finance

Behavioural finance is a discipline that combines elements of psychology and economics to study how human emotions, biases, and cognitive errors influence financial decision-making. Traditional economic theory assumes that investors are rational and always make choices that optimize their utility. However, behavioural finance reveals that investors often deviate from rationality, leading to suboptimal outcomes.

Key concepts within behavioural finance include:

  1. Overconfidence: Investors may overestimate their abilities, leading to excessive trading and portfolio turnover.
  2. Loss aversion: People tend to feel the pain of losses more acutely than the pleasure of gains, leading to conservative investment choices.
  3. Anchoring: Investors often rely heavily on the first piece of information they encounter when making decisions, even if it’s irrelevant.
  4. Herd mentality: Individuals often follow the crowd rather than conducting independent analysis, leading to market bubbles and crashes.
  5. Confirmation bias: People seek information that confirms their pre-existing beliefs and ignore contradictory evidence.
  6. Mental accounting: Investors segregate their money into different mental accounts, affecting how they perceive risk and make decisions.

How does Bajaj Finserv Mutual Fund embrace behavioural finance

Bajaj Finserv Mutual Fund understands that acknowledging these behavioural biases and psychological factors is crucial for making investment decisions. Here’s how the company leverages behavioural finance in its investment philosophy:

  1. Awareness: Bajaj Finserv Mutual Fund places a strong emphasis on explaining to its investors about the principles of behavioural finance. By providing guidance, the company seeks to empower investors to recognize their biases and make more rational decisions. This approach helps investors understand the psychological traps that can affect their portfolio performance.
  2. Risk Assessment and Tolerance: Behavioural finance insights can help to evaluate an investor’s risk tolerance more accurately. This approach helps investors stay committed to their long-term financial goals and avoid impulsive decisions during market volatility.
  3. Behaviourally informed investment strategies: Bajaj Finserv Mutual Fund integrates behavioural insights into its investment strategies. For example, recognizing that investors tend to anchor on recent market performance, and asking them to focus on long-term performance of the scheme rather than taking decisions based on short term market fluctuations. This approach can ensure that investors don’t totally rely on the most recent market data, thereby reducing the risk of making hasty decisions.
  4. Communication and transparency: The aim of the company is to maintain open and transparent communication with its investors. This includes providing regular updates on, market conditions, and potential risks.
  5. Long-term perspective: Behavioural finance encourages investors to adopt a long-term perspective. Bajaj Finserv Mutual Fund reinforces this by emphasizing the importance of patience and discipline.
  6. Behavioural finance research: This research helps the fund managers better understand market sentiment and investor behaviour. By staying at the forefront of behavioural finance knowledge, Bajaj Finserv Mutual Fund can continuously refine its investment processes to adapt to changing market dynamics.
  7. Diverse product offerings: Bajaj Finserv Mutual Fund offers a range of schemes such as Bajaj Finserv Flexi Cap Fund and other schemes. Investors can opt for a scheme that aligns with psychological inclinations and financial goals.

The benefits of integrating behavioural finance

By incorporating behavioural finance principles into its investment philosophy, Bajaj Finserv Mutual Fund seeks to bring several advantages to its investors:

  1. Enhanced decision making: Investors are better equipped to make rational and informed decisions, reducing the likelihood of impulsive actions that can harm their portfolios.
  2. Reduced emotional stress: Understanding the impact of emotions on investing helps investors stay calmer during market turbulence, preventing panic-driven decisions.
  3. Long-term wealth creation: Encouraging a long-term perspective helps investors stay committed to their financial goals, increasing the potential for wealth accumulation over time.
  4. Increased trust and confidence: Transparent communication with an aim to build trust between the mutual fund company and its investors, fostering confidence in the investment process.


Behavioural finance has emerged as a crucial component of modern investment philosophy, recognizing the influence of human psychology on financial decisions. By educating investors about behavioural biases, adopting behaviourally informed strategies, and emphasizing a long-term perspective, Bajaj Finserv Mutual Fund strives to provide its investors with a more rational and rewarding long term investment experience.

About Bajaj Finserv Asset Management Ltd.

Bajaj Finserv Asset Management Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bajaj Finserv Limited, has announced its presence in the investment solutions industry. Backed by one of India’s most respected and oldest brands, it offers a host of innovative products and solutions to every Indian. With a future-focused and differentiated investment strategy, its ambition is to help every Indian achieve his/her financial goals.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

S&P Global India Recognised as One of India’s ‘Top 10 Workplaces for Women in 2023’ – Corelook Infotech


S&P Global India has been ranked as one of India’s top 10 Best Workplaces™ for Women by Great Place To Work® in 2023. It also got recognised among India’s Best Workplaces™ in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging. These recognitions are a result of S&P Global’s mission to accelerate progress and part of its strategic initiatives and People-First policies in India to create a more inclusive work environment.

S&P Global’s People First philosophy invests in creating an inclusive culture with its forward-looking policies and benefits to accelerate progress across its people, customers and communities. The concentrated efforts on people and DEI strengthens its ability to advance inclusiveness and resilience internally and externally throughout its India operations.

Some of the policies, benefits and work in this area include:

  • Gender pay gap reporting to enhance transparency and reduce any gaps
  • Investing in career development programs for women leaders
  • Paid parental leave for all parents, regardless of gender, welcoming a child through birth, adoption, foster or surrogacy for 26 weeks
  • Interactive DEI learning & development platform
  • Menopause support
  • A parental support program to connect with experts specialising in pregnancy, postpartum care, lactation support, infant sleep coaching 24/7
  • Gender-affirmation surgery

Commenting on this, Nilam Patel, Managing Director, India Operations, S&P Global said, “At S&P Global India, we believe that diversity and inclusion are the cornerstones of innovation and growth. We invest in our people, provide essential sustainability intelligence to our customers and accelerate equity in our communities with the support of our External partners/NGOs. These recognitions reaffirm our commitment to providing an inclusive and equitable work environment for all and inspire us to strive harder to create a culture that everyone at S&P Global can be proud of.”

S&P Global released its inaugural Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion report earlier this year, committing to advancing DEI with enhanced disclosure and transparency to create a more intersectional and inclusive future.

Tanuj Gupta, Regional People Lead at S&P Global India said, “We are humbled and proud to be ranked as one of India’s Best Workplaces™ for Women and to be recognised among India’s Best Workplaces™ in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging. Our People First culture, our ambitions to continually measure progress and our determination to accelerate progress through our values, policies and practices are what set us apart.”

S&P Global’s People First policy benefits also include: securing the salary of any S&P Global employee unable to work due to a diagnosis of cancer or other chronic disease or serious illness for up to one year; pregnancy loss and reproductive wellness support; menstruation and select personal hygiene products provided free of charge at all office locations; five enterprise wellness days to collectively unplug; nursing parent support among others.

How India’s First Ever “ResolveTech” Startup KomplaintBox Plans to Empower Customers of Banks and Financial Institutions – Corelook Infotech


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

In an era where seamless customer experience is paramount, a pioneering solution has emerged to bridge the gap between customers and Banks. We are thrilled to unveil KomplaintBox (KB), a unit of J3 Consulting Services LLP, based out of Chennai. This is a groundbreaking venture designed to serve as a vital liaison between financial institutions and their customers, transforming the way complaints are addressed and resolved.

The idea of KB was born out of personal experiences faced by the founders. There were numerous instances where they assisted their friends and family members in solving banking related issues. These issues related to various Banking products such as Loans, Credit card and Trade Finance. On deeper analysis they understood that common customers face a lot of challenges while trying to get their complaints resolved.

The Financial Services sector in India primarily consists of public sector banks, private sector banks, foreign banks, small finance banks, cooperative banks and non-banking finance companies.

With Financial Institutions providing an array of financial and advisory services it is common to see shortcomings in their services. Redressal of complaints often take a long time. It is also common to see complaints unresolved. This despite the fact that Financial Institutions have a clear escalation matrix, and the Reserve Bank of India’s Consumer Education and Protection Department is very proactive when advising Banks to tighten their redressal mechanism.

KB is a revolutionary service that is designed to effectively bridge the gap between customers and Banks, providing a comprehensive platform for customers to voice their concerns, seek assistance, and find resolution to pending issues.

With an unwavering commitment to empowering customers, KB simplifies the often-complex procedures involved in complaint redressal, offering clarity, support, and guidance at every step of the way.

The experts at KB come armed with “hands on” Banking (consolidated experience of over 60 years) and Global Consulting Experience.

The Process

The typical complaint redressal process followed by Banks is given below. Customers have the option to directly approach the Bank and try and get a resolution.

Alternatively, customers can visit the KB portal and register their complaint providing necessary documents and information. The team at KB will assess the complaint, collect additional inputs if any, from the customer and give them a probable outcome. On receiving the confirmation to progress, the team will initiate the redressal process with the concerned bank. The customer will be kept in the loop through regular updates.

If needed, complaints will be escalated, within the Bank and with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), until a resolution is received. In case no resolution is forthcoming, KomplaintBox has no hesitation to refund the advisory fees to the customer in line with their pricing policy.

Why Komplaint Box?

  1. Seamless Communication: KB provides customers with a hassle-free channel to communicate their complaints to the concerned banks. The platform ensures that these complaints are channelled appropriately and reach the right personnel within the concerned Banks and Financial Institutions
  2. Expert Guidance: KB’s team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping customers understand the complex procedures and requirements for complaint resolution. Through personalized guidance, customers can navigate the often-daunting process with confidence.
  3. Frictionless Banking: KB facilitates swift and efficient resolution by streamlining the communication between customers and banks. By acting as an intermediary, the platform ensures that complaints are addressed promptly, thereby reducing frustration, and minimizing the adverse impact on customers’ lives.
  4. Education and Empowerment: KB believes in empowering customers with knowledge. KB educates customers about their rights, responsibilities, and options, fostering a sense of ownership and agency over their financial dealings.
  5. Transparency: Transparency is at the core of KB. It provides customers with real-time updates on the status of their complaints, ensuring they are always informed and engaged throughout the resolution process.

KB is unrivalled in its domain. While customers retain the option to seek redressal directly through their Banks at no extra cost, KB offers a very distinctive advantage. It excels at conserving customers’ valuable time and sparing them from the arduous task of pursuing complaint redressal.

Target Audience

KB’s target segment would be the retail and SME customers. SMEs would include sole proprietors, partnerships, and private limited enterprises.

According to a April 2023 report of the Committee for Review of Customer Service Standards in RBI regulated entities, Banks in India receive around 1 crore complaints annually that are formally recorded. Our study estimates that there would be over 2 crore complaints that are not formally recorded making the annual number over 3 crores. We expect this number to grow at an annual rate of 10%.

There are over 32 Million Non-resident Indians spread globally and they face a lot of challenges in dealing with Banks in India for their transactions. This service will also be extremely useful for our senior citizens who might have to run from pillar to post to get resolutions.

Founders of KomplaintBox

Vision Statement

Mr Jose Joseph, Co-founder, expressed his excitement, stating, “KomplaintBox’s debut as a “ResolveTech” platform in the Indian market marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of enhanced customer satisfaction, streamlined complaint resolution, and stronger customer-bank relationships.”
“Our vision is to be a world class trusted complaint resolution service thereby solving challenges faced by banking customers,” adds Co-founder JT Jeyaraajkrishnan.

About the Founders

Jose Joseph

Jose Joseph is a seasoned professional with over 28 years of experience in the Banking Industry. He has worked with some leading organizations like HSBC, Oracle, Tata Consultancy Services, and IBM. He has handled banking functions like Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Corporate banking, Payments, Compliance, Audit and Operations. He is a Management graduate in Banking and Finance.

JT Jeyaraajkrishnan

Jeyaraaj is a senior management professional in the Banking industry. Overall, he has over 30 years of experience and worked with leading organizations such as American Express, Oracle and Tata Consultancy Services. He has handled functions like Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Corporate Banking, Payments, and Operations. Numerous articles have been authored by him. He is a qualified Chartered and Cost Accountant.

For more information please visit

Bajaj Finance Partners with TATA AIG General Insurance to offer Car Insurance Policies – Corelook Infotech


Bajaj Finance has partnered with leading insurers to provide motor insurance plans, through their platform Bajaj Finance Insurance Mall new addition to the list of partners is TATA AIG General Insurance. Customers can now buy TATA AIG car insurance policies through a fully digital, seamless experience offered through the Bajaj Finance insurance platform

TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited, a joint venture between the TATA Group and the American International Group (AIG), is one of the providers of motor insurance policies in India. With a legacy of over 150 years and the trust of TATA, TATA AIG have been serving their customers successfully for over 20 years.

TATA AIG’s motor insurance policies cover the following risks:

  • LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO THE VEHICLE INSURED’ : The Company will indemnify the Insured against loss or damage to the vehicle insured.
  • Damages due to natural disasters: A comprehensive or own damage policy will offer against damages caused to the vehicle due to flood, earthquake, snowfall, cyclone, etc.
  • Damages due to man-made calamities and fire: Get coverage against damages caused by riots, terrorist attacks, strikes. Additionally, get coverage from damages due to fire, self-ignition or explosions.
  • Accidental damages: A comprehensive or own damage policy will cover your vehicle against extensive repair costs resulting from accidents.
  • Transit damages: While transporting your vehicles from one location to another, any damages incurred during transit are covered by TATA AIG’s comprehensive motor insurance policies.
  • Burgalary or Theft: The Company will indemnify the Insured against loss or damage to the vehicle insured such as by burglary, housebreaking or theft.
  • Personal accident cover for ownerdriver: This cover provides financial support up to Rs. 15 lakh in case of an accident resulting in permanent total disability, major injuries or death of the owner/driver.
  • Third-party liabilities: Apart from damages to your own vehicle, get a coverage for third-party liabilities. In case of damages caused to third-party property or bodily injures or death of third party.

Apart from the above features, TATA AIG motor insurance policies also come with a range of add-on covers for enhanced protection. Get coverage for Depreciation Re-imbursement, Daily Allowance, No Claim Bonus Protection Cover, Return to Invoice, No Claim Bonus Protection Cover, Loss of Personal belongings, Emergency Transport & hotel expenses, Key Replacement, Engine Secure, Tyre Secure, Consumable Expenses, Road Side Assistance-Add-on cover under, Auto Secure – Private Car Package Policy, Additional Third Party Property Damage Cover, Emergency Medical Expenses, Additional Towing Charges.

Key benefits of TATA AIG motor insurance plans?

Here are some of the key benefits of motor insurance policies of TATA AIG:

  • TATA AIG offers the promise of commitment, trust, integrity, and customer service.
  • A wide network of 6,500+ garages offering cashless claim facility and quality services.

Why buy motor insurance through Bajaj Finance Insurance Mall?
Bajaj Finance Insurance Mall offers a hassle-free insurance buying process through an all-digital and seamless customer experience journey. This enables you to buy insurance instantly without any paperwork. The buying process is simple, transparent, and secure.

Partnering with leading insurance companies in India, customers can compare and choose from various car insurance policies on Bajaj Finance Insurance Mall and purchase their preferred plan in just a few clicks.


Conditions Apply – Bajaj Finance Limited (‘BFL’) is a registered corporate agent of third party insurance products of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited, HDFC Life Insurance Company Limited, Future Generali Life Insurance Company Limited, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited, SBI General Insurance Company Limited, ACKO General Insurance Company Limited, HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company, ICICI LOMBARD General Insurance Company Limited, TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited, Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited , Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company Limited , Care Health Insurance Company Limited and Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Company Limited under the IRDAI composite registration number CA0101. Please note that, BFL does not underwrite the risk or act as an insurer. Your purchase of an insurance product is purely on a voluntary basis after your exercise of an independent due diligence on the suitability, viability of any insurance product. Any decision to purchase insurance product is solely at your own risk and responsibility and BFL shall not be liable for any loss or damage that any person may suffer, whether directly or indirectly. For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions and exclusions please read the product sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. URN No. BFL/Advt./23-24/177.

Slurrp Presents “Chopsticks & Curry”: A Delectable Journey through Bombay’s Evolution of Chinese Cuisine – Corelook Infotech


Slurrp, India’s leading online recipe aggregator, is thrilled to announce its latest culinary masterpiece, “Chopsticks & Curry“. This captivating documentary delves deep into the rich history of Chinese cuisine in Bombay, unraveling its incredible evolution over the years. “Chopsticks & Curry” promises to be a delightful treat for food enthusiasts, history aficionados, and anyone with a passion for the fusion of flavors that defines Indo-Chinese cuisine.

The culinary landscape of Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, has been a tantalizing journey, adorned with iconic dishes like Chicken Manchurian, Hakka Noodles, and Schezwan Fried Rice. Rooted in the late 19th century with the arrival of Chinese immigrants in the erstwhile Bombay presidency, this culinary passion not only introduced the city to novel flavor profiles but also played a pivotal role in shaping its unique culinary identity – “Indo-Chinese“.

Commenting on the achievement, Mr. Avinash Mudaliar, Co-founder and CEO, HT Labs said, “Chopsticks & Curry’ is a culinary odyssey that unravels the rich mosaic of Chinese cuisine in Mumbai. This documentary serves as a delightful exploration of flavors and culture, celebrating the fusion that defines Indo-Chinese cuisine. The legacy of these culinary pioneers, who arrived in Bombay in the late 19th century, is a testament to the vibrant gastronomic history of our city.

We are thrilled to present ‘Chopsticks & Curry,’ a project close to our hearts that celebrates the vibrant and flavorful history of Chinese cuisine in Bombay. It’s a testament to the rich culinary tapestry of India, and we’re excited to share it with the world,” said Sunep Imchen, Business Head of

“Chopsticks & Curry” by Slurrp is not your ordinary documentary; it’s a captivating exploration of flavors, culture, and history. This culinary masterpiece takes you on a journey back in time, uncovering the rich history of Chinese immigrants in Bombay and their influence on the city’s gastronomy. Witness the enchantment of Chinese and Indian cuisines that gave rise to famous classics. Visit iconic Chinese eateries through virtual tours and hear the captivating stories of the families behind these culinary landmarks. With insights from renowned chefs and food historians, it’s a visual feast that will leave you craving the authentic flavors of Bombay’s Indo-Chinese cuisine. “Chopsticks & Curry” promises an unforgettable culinary adventure, blending past and present flavors for a tantalizing experience.

About Slurrp

Slurrp is a recipe aggregator that helps one find recipes based on one’s diet choices, fitness goals and taste preferences. It provides calorie-counted recipes across cuisines and meals types and caters to all levels of cooking skills – from a beginner to an expert. It also offers a nutrimeter that calculates the precise nutrient intake based on the user’s height and weight to recommend recipes for each meal. Once you’ve shortlisted recipes that you want to prepare, you can also add them to your Meal Plan which pins your recipes on the calendar so you can plan your meals in advance.

Autumn Winter 23′ Collection “Time For Glamour” by Forever New Launches in Style at Phoenix Palladium – Corelook Infotech


Forever New, the renowned fashion brand, is all set to usher in the Autumn Winter season with its highly anticipated collection, “Time For Glamour“. To mark this spectacular launch, the brand Ambassador, Pooja Hegde graced the event. The event took place at the illustrious Phoenix Palladium, promising an evening filled with fashion, style, and glamour

The “Time For Glamour” collection embodies the essence of sophistication, elegance, and modernity. This exquisite assortment of clothing and accessories is curated to elevate your style quotient. From chic outerwear to glamorous party dresses and timeless classics, Forever New has something for every fashion-forward individual.

Forever New – Pooja Hegde Autumn Winter 2023

The newest collection is expected to take over as the go-to option for all holiday gatherings, wild parties, and chic vacations to far-flung locales. This outstanding collection has been enhanced by Pooja Hegde, the brand spokesperson for Forever New India. In addition to praising this collection’s adaptability, she said, “It feels really good to be a part of the brand. Whenever it comes to style, the quality of products that you are paying for is amazing. Everything falls on you so gracefully and looks very rich, so for me it’s the perfect brand!

Mr. Dhruv Bogra, Country Head India, Forever New was thrilled to share his experience, “It was a memorable evening! This collection offers classic items for everyone with a tasteful fusion of modernism and sophistication. The collection reflects the brand’s personality and that of its brand ambassador. At the event, we had some wonderful feedback from fashion enthusiasts, which provided the validation that any business seeks.

The evening at Phoenix Palladium commenced with a meet and greet with the media followed by a red carpet fashion event, featuring the stunning Pooja Hegde, who graced the occasion with her presence. Pooja Hegde’s association with Forever New is a testament to the brand’s commitment to timeless beauty and glamour. The event was attended by notable fashion influencers and industry insiders, making it a star-studded affair.

Following the fashion event, guests were treated to an enchanting fashion show where the “Time For Glamour” collection came to life on the runway. The collection was showcased in all its glory, giving attendees a glimpse of the latest trends and must-haves for the season. The runway will be a fusion of style, showcasing the versatility of Forever New’s designs.

In addition to the fashion show, attendees had the opportunity to explore and shop the “Time For Glamour” collection in the brand’s store at the mall. This hands-on experience allowed fashion enthusiasts to touch, feel, and try on the exquisite pieces from the collection.

Forever New’s “Time For Glamour” collection is not just about clothing; it’s about making a statement, exuding confidence, and embracing the elegance of the season. The brand aims to make every woman feel empowered and stylish in her own unique way.

Forever New

Forever New is one of the fastest-growing premium fashion retail brands. From dresses for every occasion to work-wear essentials, sparkling accessories, stylish footwear and the perfect-fit denim, Forever New is committed to fashion that stays relevant beyond one season & elevates personal style. The brand continues to focus on creating easy-to-wear and timeless collections of ensembles dedicated to celebrating modern femininity.

Pilates Pioneer Yasmin Karachiwala’s Body Image Opens in Oshiwara Franchised by Urvi Patel – Corelook Infotech


Pilates pioneer Yasmin Karachiwala opens her new studio at the new Vicino Mall in Oshiwara-Andheri with long-time associate Urvi Patel. Having been in the fitness industry for 22 years, Yasmin is the most sought-after trainer in Bollywood and her celebrity clients include divas like Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt among many others. Adding to that glamourous list was a host of TV celebrities who attended the launch including Yuvika Choudry, Poonam Pandey, Aditi Mittal, Nisha Rawal, Munisha Khatwali, Bandgi Kalra, underscoring their interest in learning about Pilates for fitness and showing interest and enthusiasm for the new launch. The new centres offer North Mumbaikar’s the opportunity to reap the benefits of Yasmin unrivalled expertise in fitness and wellbeing.

Bandgi Kalra, Yuvika Chaudhary, Yasmin Karachiwala, Nisha Rawal, Urvi Patel, and Poonam Pandey at the launch of Yasmin Karachiwala’s new YKBI at Andheri

About Pilates

Pilates is a fitness discipline that combines the perfect blend of stretch and strength, helps improve posture, increase core strength, and delivers better flexibility and mobility. Pilates helps reduce back pain, tones up the body and rehabilitates swiftly in cases of injuries. Apart from it being proven effective for both men and women of all ages and fitness levels, athletes and sportspersons, Pilates is great for pregnant women too. It is expressly beneficial for those working at a desk job, as it helps with correcting neck, shoulder, wrist, and back pain issues. Pilates has proven its importance by way of preventive care that truly helps people reduce the risk of severe injury and can also help prevent ailments from aggravating further.

About The New YKBI

The newly launched YKBI centre at Vicino, presents sophisticated and welcoming interiors, and provide a myriad of promising facilities including Reformers, MOTR, Mats and Spinal Correctors with a variety of small equipment that complements these larger pieces. Students can opt for one-on-one sessions of personal classes or duet or group sessions. Coaching is led by a team of experts personally trained by Yasmin, ensuring that the health issues of clients are addressed effectively. The instructors are specifically trained to work with injuries like joint pain, back pain and neck pain and can also help their clients with fitness programmes tailored for pregnancy. All the instructors in the centre are certified and internationally recognised Balanced Body Instructors. In addition to regular clients, special attention will be given to those ailing from spinal issues or bodily injuries. So come on Mumbai, it’s time to walk that fitness talk.

Book a class: +91 99651 82182 / 99651 72172

About YKBI

Yasmin Karachiwala’s Body Image (YKBI) pioneered a genre of fitness in 2009, clinching the status of being the first exclusive Pilates Studio in India. YKBI believes in helping people understand their body and what their body needs in terms of fitness results. Yasmin Karachiwala and her set of Master coaches diligently train instructors, ensuring that they excel in their fitness skills before taking them on in a full-fledged capacity. Her motto of delivering wholesome commitment to all clients, regardless of stature, illuminates the steadfast devotion to her cause. She has spread her expertise across borders, managing franchisees at Delhi, Ahmedabad, Indore, Gurgaon, Dhaka and Dubai.

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Meet Global MICE Congress 2023: A Major International Business Tourism Event will be Held in Moscow – Corelook Infotech


Moscow, Russia

A large-scale international event dedicated to business tourism, the Meet Global MICE Congress will take place in Moscow on October 6. It will gather hospitality professionals, event organizers, and other players from the travel industry from 14 countries, including India, China, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

The 2023 Meet Global MICE Congress, a significant international business tourism event, will be hosted in Moscow

The Meet Global MICE Congress will become one of the key platforms for the MICE industry and will promote dialogue between Moscow and foreign MICE companies. One of its goals is to present Moscow to the international MICE community as an attractive place for successful business events of various scales.

An extensive programme has been prepared for the guests of Meet Global MICE Congress. It includes a variety of seminars, discussions, and workshops. Experts will be talking about corporate events organization and share their experience in promoting the MICE potential of cities,” says the Moscow City Tourism Committee in a statement.

Moscow hosts over 5,000 business events annually. These include international exhibitions, forums, congresses, and conferences, with approximately 3.6 million business visitors in the past year. Tourist flow to Moscow has almost fully recovered to pre-pandemic levels. A total of 7.1 million tourists visited the capital during the summer, which is 17% higher year-on-year. The popularity of business trips to the Russian capital is also growing as is evident from the share of business travellers from the Asia-Pacific region, which increased by 10% in the first half of the year. The capital’s infrastructure continues to improve and allows for hosting industry events of various scales and levels of complexity.

Modi Naturals Limited Commercialised the First Grain-Based Ethanol Distillery in Chhattisgarh – Corelook Infotech


Modi Naturals Ltd. (MNL), through its wholly owned subsidiary Modi Biotech Private Limited (MBPL), is pleased to announce the inauguration of its state-of-the-art ethanol distillery in Raipur, Chhattisgarh Today. The prestigious inauguration ceremony was graced by the presence of Shri Anil Modi, CMD of the company, Shri Vijay Gupta, MD Beekay Engineering and Shri Sudhir Halwasiya, Shri Alok Garg, Mrs Aditi Modi, Mr Akshay Modi, Directors of MNL.The Ethanol Plant, an initiative of MNL’s subsidiary, MBPL, represents a significant stride towards a sustainable future. With a state-of-the-art distillery boasting a robust production capacity of 210 KLD (thousand litres per day) and a 5.5 MW cogeneration power plant, this facility is poised to profoundly impact the biofuel landscape. The facility is planned to operate at 130 KLD in the first phase, with a capex of Rs. 150 cr. with debt of Rs. 100 cr.

Commenting on the commercialisation of the plant, Mr. Akshay Modi, Managing Director of Modi Naturals Ltd., said, “The commissioning of our Ethanol Plant represents an important moment in India’s drive for sustainable biofuels. Modi Biotech is committed to influencing the nation’s energy future. Biofuel is certainly the key to India’s automotive sector. Our Ethanol facility demonstrates our commitment to sustainability, energy security, environmental responsibility, and increasing farm income simultaneously at the same time. Furthermore, it has enabled us to diversify our company portfolios and build a green-field unit with significant growth potential.”

The Central Government provided MBPL in-principle approval for ethanol production, emphasising its connection with the Ethanol Blended Petrol (EBP) programme, which is led by India’s visionary Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. In tandem, an MOU with the Chhattisgarh government strengthens the commitment to this transformative project. Moreover, the industry tender period operates from November to October.

With the government’s constant backing and programmes like the EBP programme, the Indian biofuel sector is set for a rapid expansion. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), India will overtake the United States and Brazil as the world’s third-largest ethanol market by 2026. This dramatic growth highlights the critical significance of initiatives like MBPL’s Ethanol Plant in ensuring India’s energy security, lowering carbon emissions, and establishing a sustainable future.

Modi Biotech Private Limited (MBPL) and its parent firm, Modi Naturals Ltd., have a strong legacy of managing numerous enterprises and projects spanning four decades. To ensure the BioTech Plant’s smooth construction and commissioning, MBPL worked with industry specialists such as consultants, plant suppliers, and an experienced in-house staff.

About Modi Naturals Limited (MNL)

Modi Naturals Ltd. is one of India’s leading consumer goods companies operating in the wellness and foods category. MNL has created niche, premium and differentiated brands in highly competitive edible oils and healthy foods categories. During FY 2022-23, MNL recorded a turnover of INR 418 crores through its products sold in India through our portfolio of brands such as Oleev, Oleev Kitchen and PIPO foods. Our strong focus on quality, innovation, product differentiation and brand building has helped us stand out in a cluttered retail market, with Oleev becoming the No. 1 “Goodness of Olive Oil” brand in India, with a fully backward-integrated portfolio of products. Over the last decade, MNL has developed a pan-India distribution network across all channels of FMCG, including the upcoming Q-Commerce, serving our consumers through all modes of online and offline retail across the country. We are a very proud Indian company, manufacturing and marketing world-class food products in India.

The company is poised to grow exponentially in the next few years with its three verticals namely a) consumer goods vertical, b) bulk edible oil and feeds vertical and c) ethanol manufacturing vertical. In line with the Ethanol Blended Petrol (EBP) program, Modi Naturals Limited has diversified into ethanol manufacturing, with a state-of-the art greenfield Ethanol Plant established in the state of Chhattisgarh under its wholly owned subsidiary Modi Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 1974 and headquartered in New Delhi, MNL is listed on the BSE. We operate 3 factories in India located at Pilibhit, Sonipat and Hyderabad with a fourth inaugurated in Chhattisgarh. The company has previously received awards for being the ‘Largest Processor of Rice Bran in India’ for several years.

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