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Vismay Patel’s Waadiyan is Out Now on Selekt by Koinage


If you are someone who was always fascinated with the idea of traveling, especially to mountains. Waadiyan is the song you should be currently listening to!! It is sung, written, and composed by well-known Indie artist Vismay Patel, whereas its music is produced by Sashwat Prakash Borah.

Waadiyan was shot in the Paragliding Capital of India, Bir. The video features travel influencer, Surya Shahi aka The Sunshine Ladki along with Vismay himself. The music video follows the cute story of a girl finally ticking her travel list with her visit to the mountains. The song is full of picturesque shots giving you a soothing feeling and at the same complementing the lyrics of song. It’s like the more you listen to Waadiyan, the more you feel like going to Mounatins right away.

While talking about the song, Vismay Patel said, “Mountains have healing magic, they just refresh your soul. While writing Waadiyan, I wanted to tap that feeling of visiting mountains and that desire to travel and explore.  This is my first for Selekt by Koinage but second for Koinage Records after Dil Mera. I hope my audience will relate to it and let the explorer inside them fulfill their travel list.”

Vismay Patel started performing in cafes at the age of 17, and later his passion for music led him to compose and sing 5 heart-winning tracks like ‘Pal Behta Jaaye’ and ‘Behne Do’. He also established ‘808 Music Studio’, the first recording studio in Nadiad, Gujarat. His every track was loved by the audience for its relatability to real life. If you are someone who enjoys Indie pop, then you should check other songs by Vismay Patel.

Check out the full song by clicking on the link below.

Brodha V kicks off 2022 with a ‘Divine’ surprise


Vighnesh Shivanand known popularly by his stage name Brodha V has dropped his new single ‘All Divine’ to Kickstart 2022. The rapper/musician also announced his association with Believe Artist Services.

Brodha V has partnered with the leading digital music company Believe, which has seen a consistent growth over the last few years in the non-film music genre. Believe’s core mission is to help local artists grow their audience both locally and internationally, by providing them with tailor-made services and digital tools to access new opportunities and take their careers to the next level. Believe accompanies artists at all stages of their careers thanks to its wide range of adapted solutions for artists and labels: TuneCore, Label & Artist Solutions and Artist Services.

The bop was written during the second lockdown as an introspection into how far he’s come in the industry and his undying passion for making music. Having battled COVID all the while nursing a physical injury, the rapper completed the composition of the song as a means to express himself and what he’s been through and how one can overcome their demons in a graceful and dignified way. What makes the song even more special is it’s melodious Malayalam chorus which is a first for the hitmaker.

Originally anticipated to release during Diwali 2021, the rapper/musician injured himself leading to the release being rescheduled for a later time. ‘All Divine’ just as its name suggests is a beautiful fusion of classical beats with Brodha V’s eminemesque rapping style. The track is an unfolding of what his journey in the industry has been like for the last decade and how he’s stuck to his guns and not given up on his dream of becoming one of the best rappers in the country.

The song is also a subtle nod to prioritising one’s mental health and asking yourself questions that you wouldn’t otherwise and being your own number one fan. Shot in

Chikmagalur; fans get to see a side of Brodha V like they’ve never seen before with the music video being one of his most physically demanding videos he’s shot to date.

Shilpa Sharda, Director of Artists Services – Believe India commented, “Hip-hop has never been more popular in India and Brodha V is a rising star who has surely made his presence felt in the music industry. I am glad we can service local, independent artists like him with tools created specifically to fit their local needs and provide them with a global reach. Our goal continues to support all artists and labels locally, at all stages of their career, by giving them the strategic support as well as digital and tech expertise they need to be successful.”

On the release of the song Brodha V, Rapper and Musician, says: “All Divine’ is a collaborative effort of the team in trying to create music that is rooted in everyday things we all feel but cannot express. During the second lockdown, I found myself extremely restless and anxious. Writing and creating music had become my only outlet of self-expression and I find myself extremely blessed to be able to do this every day. ‘All Divine’ is hopefully a manifestation from me to my fans about striving through difficulty with grace and dignity and believing in yourself! Of course, this is just one of many of the projects in the pipeline and I’m really looking forward to seeing where this year takes me music-wise. I believe I have grown a lot; my style has evolved, and I’m really excited to share this new side of myself with my fans who have been eagerly waiting for another single!”

The song also features vocals by Steve Knight from flipsyde, one of Brodha V’s favourite performers. A chance Twitter exchange led to a collaboration and resulted in ‘All Divine’ which was a surprise for all Brodha V fans and had them clamouring to all streaming platforms to listen to the song. What can Brodha V fans expect this year? Well there are a lot of exciting collaborations and projects in the pipeline for the rapper/ musician and one thing is for sure, this will certainly be the year of Brodha V.

The song is available to stream and listen on all major streaming platforms.

Meenakshi Pange’s SONG “YOU NEVER KNOW “release On Valentine Week


A special press conference was organized by Meenakshi Pange in Jass Music Studio regarding her upcoming song, “You Never Know”. Meenakshi Pange, a resident of Maharashtra, who after making her mark in the fashion industry, she has now extended her steps to the world of singing and very soon Meenakshi’s song is also going to be released.

Meenakshi has just recently released her upcoming song “You Never Know”.

The song will be going released on Valentine’s Day this year. Along with singer Meenakshi, the director of this song, is Suraj Das, Lyrics Shobhana Thakur, Producer Gary Singh and Vikas Goyal, Music Composed By Jass Studio have also worked very hard for this song playing their important roles and everyone is very fond of this song. Meenakshi also shared some lyrics of this song with the reporters in this press conference,

Some of the lyrics are

“These winds of love,

When to where

Your eyelids bowed

let things be alz

someone breathes

you take it for granted

you never know


you never know”

Where Words Fail, Music Fails


Mumbai (Maharashtra), January 19: The leading musician Vikas Nagar, is amassing the audience with his wonderful voice. The actor has dropped certain songs this year.

Vikas is a 23-year-old Actor, Singer, and Bodybuilder. He belongs from Saini village in Greater Noida. He aims to be a businessman in near future.

Mr. Nagar has bestowed the audience with six of his release’s previous year. The songs are Zindagi Ke 4 Din, Gurjar Sher, Heer, Meri rani, Gujjar ka kheer and Hanju.

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‘RAAM MAAF’ by Kamal Digiya: Haryana’s historic milestone music video is out on YouTube


Digiya Music and Western Beats, in collaboration, released their latest music video ‘Raam Maaf’ on Saturday 8th January, marking the historic contribution to the Haryanvi music industry, Mr Kamal Digiya, the owner of Digiya Music and star of the music video “Raam Maaf” has brought in an inspiration with his trust on team Western Beats – Director Sahil Sandhu. This video is a milestone for the Haryanvi music industry and a proud creation for both the entities. The Music Video is available on YouTube and is a must-watch for cinema lovers

The extensive historic milestone music video of the Haryanvi industry is produced by Mr Kamal Digiya with Co-Producers Ms Hanssika Digiya and Mr Harshit Digiya.

The concept is planned and executed by 52 Gaj ka daman famed Director Sahil Sandhu with his team of Directors and assistants, who worked day and night with him to make this project so grand.

Mr Sandhu, in an interview, stated that “this project was a dream project for him, if Haryanvi songs can reach to the level of Bollywood then why not the videos match upto the level.” Stating this, the director thanked Mr Digiya for having faith and trust in him to get this concept on screen. The video was shot in 3 days on 3 different venues; hence it looks grand, and it has given new heights to the Haryanvi music and Music Videos.

The video stars Mr Kamal Digiya as the King, Ms Diksha Pawar, Ms Kashika Sisodia, Ms Prachi Chaudhary, Ms Sakshi Dhama as the queens. The story portrays a sequence of events that happens in a glimpse. The king enters his castle after a war victory with the conquered queen, to which the eldest queen is not happy with the king. The story concludes with the queens planning to kill the cruel king, and at last, they succeed. The video is a huge grandeur and a must-watch.

The video looked really beautiful on the concept and technical aspects. The Director of Photography was under the command of Mr Mintu Plaha and Beautiful choreography under Mr Amit Siyal. The director’s war concept and storyline were on point and looked beautiful when the video was out.

The song is sung by Balam Alto, famed Ms Vandna Jangir. She says that this is the biggest song of her life. With this, she thanked Mr Digiya for trusting her and giving her such an opportunity to be a part of this historic project. The song is written by Mr Anil Dayma, and the music is composed by Melody Records.

Moving forward, Director Mr Sandhu told us that “I am thankful to my team for such an amazing support Creative Director: Sumit Saniwal, Executive Director: Paras Batra, Assistant Directors- Siddharth Kukreja, Raj Dhyani, Rohit Kumar, Shubham, Editor & Colourist- Ajy Lohan and also my special thanks to ‘Ms Pranjal Dhaiya’ for always being an integral part and strong support of the Western Beats team”.

He further added about how challenging it was to work for a 22-24 hours schedule for 3 days with 1 day of rest shooting this video and getting the desired output because Mr Digiya always pushed him forward to put into his creativity and never created creativity barriers for him.

The director wishes to uplift his creativity level and achieve more milestones like Raam Maaf. He concludes by praying for the best for the Raam Maaf music video and looks for the support of the audience for making this milestone memorable.

Instagram: @kamaldigiya__official, @directorsahilsandhu

Chikuhh: A Most Popular Verified Artist Hits Big Around The Music Industry


Chikuhh is the youngest musical artist of India, He launched his new song ” Thodi jagah lofi ” And it’s gone 1lakh above views on YouTube. Chikuhh’s real name is Aryan Raj but mostly he knows as his nickname “Chikuhh ” Between his fans and he is also a verified artist from this name. Chikuhh’s YouTube channel are also collect popularity from his unique name.

Chikuhh is born on 03 March 2005, and belongs to Sitamarhi, Bihar. Chikuhh has completed his 12th from S.L.K. College Sitamarhi in 2021. Chikuhh is now just 16 years old and one of the most youngest artist of India. At this age, Chikuhh is like a model of those guy’s who wants to grow at social media platforms. Chikuhh is now a most popular artist of india.

Chikuhh was very interested in music since childhood. Chikuhh has no need to learn music it’s like a God gift to him. Music plays important role in Chikuhh’s life because he doing very hard work about it. Now his content are growing and setup a standard for musical artists. Chikuhh is also following a discipline life when he does any work. Chikuhh says ” that if one wants to be successful in life and move ahead, then it is very important to respect time and it is very important to live in discipline. “

Apart from this, if we talk Chikuhh is very fond of travelling, he loves to go to a new place and know about there. Chikuhh like to read books. In his free time, chikuhh also love to play cricket and enjoy own life with own rules. Everyone knows chikuhh today, as a artist, as a good human, as a cute personality, and also as a innocent boy.

Chikuhh looks very cute, he is also fond popularity for his innocence personality. Recently chikuhh is verified on Spotify, Jio Saavn, Resso, Moomplay, Musixmatch etc. Many other musical platforms. He gets verification badge also everywhere. Chikuhh is an example of all youngsters who want to fulfill their dreams. Chikuhh is also most searchable person in India. Chikuhh gets his google knowledge panel and verified on there. If we want to know his details then just search on google his popularity name ” Chikuhh “.

His google knowledge panel: https://g.co/kgs/Hgfzqe

His Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/Chikuhh99

Sofia’s new song “Bullet” makes waves


Sofia Chaudry’s new single “Bullet” was released 2 weeks ago. The music is given by Seji Dhillon and is written by Ranbir Grewal. Surprised everyone with yet another love song by this super talented singer. The bass-heavy drop is making waves in the Punjabi music industry. This unexpected sound is appealingly catchy.

She is already known for her fresh sounding music and versatile concepts, but this is the best work she has created so far. After making her debut in the Indian music industry with Bohemia, the Punjabi Rapper she claims her life has never been the same. Sofia got superb vocal melodies, she also released several other singles a few months ago “Magical Wang’’ and “Dil Janiya”. She is a true example of a sound thrilling artist doing exactly what she wants.

Watch, Sofia Chaudry’s new single “Bullet”:


Hitmaker Lalit Pandit with SBK Music announces online music competition, know how to participate


Bollywood’s ace music composer Lalit Pandit in association with SBK Music announces SBK Music Star 2021 music competition. The versatile performer has come up to spread a ray of hope to all aspiring musicians, especially in these pandemic times where passionate are losing faith in their talents.

“India is full of talented singers and music composers. I hope and expect to see participants to create fusion songs with a mix for folk and modern music”, said Jury Lalit Pandit.

Talking about the competition, there will be eminent personalities from B’town & regional music fraternity to pick the best contestants in 8 Indian Regional Languages i.e Hindi, English, Punjabi, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Rajasthani, Gujarati. Contestants will be selected on the basis of their Talent, Knowledge & Skills including: Throw of voice, Range of voice, Singing in tune/ Sur, Singing of Composition, Maintaining Rhythm/Laya and Taal, Pronunciation of lyrics, Mood and Expression, Breath control, Creativity – Improvisation within the Raga structure, Overall impact – winning component with Original Song Creation.

Organised by Rakesh Kumar and Ruchiekka Krishnani – the SBK Music competition is an online competition. One can participate and register on https://sbkmusic.com/event/ website.

Experience the Art of MMA Global Series: Action-Packed Entertainment and Unrivaled Global Reach!


MMA Global Series, a leading global mixed martial arts promotion, is proud to announce its continued commitment to delivering exhilarating and action-packed entertainment to fans around the world. Under the expert guidance of fight promoter And Fighter Bhupesh Kamble has firmly established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the MMA industry, showcasing some of the finest athletes on the planet. This series started from 29th July in Dubai from 7 pm. This series was held in Dubai’s Warehouse No. 1, INA Rashid.

Art Meets Sport: MMA Global Series is not just a sport; it is an art form that combines visceral and action packed entertainment with intricate strategic and technical aspects. Our fighters exemplify dedication, resilience, and mastery of their craft, earning respect and admiration from fans worldwide.

MGS Global Reach: With events hosted in major cities across 42 countries and 36 venues, MGS has reached unparalleled heights in terms of global reach. Our events are televised in over 42 countries, captivating an audience of over one billion people. Our goal is to make MMA accessible to fans everywhere, and our efforts are bolstered by our association with MMA, an Mixed Martial Artis entertainment giant renowned for its premium content. MMAT Myyed Martial Arts

Unrivaled Numbers: The numbers speak volumes about MGS success. In the 2021 calendar year alone, we hosted a total of 18 events featuring 200 fights. With fighters hailing from 42 countries, our diverse roster continues to amaze audiences worldwide. Our live events have seen a surge in attendance pre-pandemic, with numerous sell-out events further cementing our status as a premier MMA promotion.

A Bright Future: The future of MGS shines bright, with exciting milestones on the horizon. We have recently forged a long-term broadcast partnership in 2021, enhancing our global visibility and providing fans with unparalleled access to our events. Additionally, the much-anticipated Bantamweight World Grand Prix is set to captivate audiences in 2022, MGS.

Breaking New Ground: We are thrilled to announce that MGS will now be broadcasted – invae marking the first time the platform has featured MMA content. This landmark achievement opens up new avenues for reaching MMA fans and engaging audiences across the WORLD.

In conclusion, MGS remains committed to delivering world-class MMA experiences to our dedicated fans. Our pursuit of excellence, coupled with strategic partnerships and global expansion, reaffirms our position as a dominant force in the MMA landscape.

For media inquiries, interviews, or further information, please contact abfitnessgym.uae@gmail.com.

Ajinkya Bhagwat a musician, music producer with his music hits across the globe – Corelook Infotech


This 20-year-old musician is currently working on new music for Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and other streaming services. What started off as a simple passion of making music in one’s home has turned into a Spotify hit. He had created music that touches people’s heart and pulled them together.

His musical skills span genres with amazing ease, from rock to trap to lo-fi music, although he’s dabbled in practically every genre. This young artist is here to stay, thanks to his ability to deliver success after hit in many genres. Ajinkya Bhagwat a master of his art, goes into the creative process of music production, and his music has been added to over 50 Spotify playlists since his debut. One of his older tracks is Acoustic version, have been on trending.

His fans hail from the United Kingdom, India, the United States, and other nations. Each song stands out from the others and creates a soothing experience for listeners.  Ajinkya Bhagwat mostly thanks to social media. His huge popularity on YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud and other platforms has put him in the spotlight.

He has put in a lot of effort to get to this point and he is still working hard.

Follow Ajinkya Bhagwat on Instagram: www.instagram.com/_million_king_

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