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Haut Monde Hotels: A TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Retreat


Embarking on a journey to find the perfect getaway often involves seeking a place where tranquillity, luxury, and a commitment to excellence converge seamlessly. Haut Monde Hotels takes pride in not only being your destination but also, being recognized as a TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice—a testament to our commitment to providing an unparalleled retreat experience.

A Sanctuary Where Peace Finds You

Nestled in the heart of serene landscapes, Haut Monde Hotels go beyond the ordinary, offering a haven where peace finds you. Whether you choose Haut Monde Kings Paradise Resort in Kanatal or Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort & Spa in Dehradun, each location is meticulously curated to provide an atmosphere that is a balm for the soul. Amidst the natural beauty that surrounds our retreats, peace becomes not just a destination but a companion on your journey.

Indulging Your Senses in Healthy Living

At Haut Monde Hotels, we believe in fostering a lifestyle that promotes not only relaxation but also healthy living. Our amenities are designed to indulge your senses, from wellness facilities to culinary experiences that celebrate both taste and nutrition. We understand that a getaway should not only rejuvenate your spirit but also contribute to your overall well-being.

A TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Recognition: A Symbol of Excellence

Being recognized as a TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice is an honour that reflects the dedication and passion embedded in the Haut Monde Hotels experience. It is a recognition bestowed upon us by travellers who have experienced the unique blend of luxury, tranquillity, and personalized service that defines our retreats. This acknowledgement serves as a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of hospitality for every guest who chooses Haut Monde Hotels.

More Than a Stay: Crafting Lifestyle Experiences

Haut Monde Hotels offer more than just a stay; they present an opportunity to immerse yourself in a lifestyle that rejuvenates both body and mind. From our elegantly appointed rooms to the picturesque surroundings, every element is crafted to contribute to an experience that lingers in your memory.

As we celebrate our TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice status, we invite you to join us in redefining what a getaway can be. Haut Monde Hotels promises not just a destination but a retreat that elevates your senses, embraces healthy living, and ensures that peace finds you naturally. Book your stay with us and experience the luxury of being a Traveler’ Choice.


Digital Marketing Dynamo, Trigger Digits, Propels E-commerce Brands and Entrepreneurs to New Heights


Rajasthan, [India]: In the dynamic landscape of online marketing, standing out from the crowd is important for success. Yash Raj Dadhich, a 24-year-old entrepreneur hailing from Rajasthan, India, has mastered this principle and transformed it into a thriving business empire. His brainchild, Trigger Digits, is rewriting the game’s rules by assisting e-commerce brands to achieve 7- 8-figure success through innovative Omnichannel marketing strategies.

Elevating Businesses, Empowering Entrepreneurs

Trigger Digits goes beyond conventional marketing by offering a unique HTC program. This program caters to freelancers, agency owners, and coaches, empowering them to secure high-ticket deals and reach an impressive $10,000 monthly within just 90 days. The success stories abound, with numerous international e-commerce brands scaling to 7-8 figures, attesting to the efficacy of Trigger Digits’ approach.

From Vision to Reality

Yash Raj Dadhich’s journey is proof of the triumph of vision and determination. Starting from scratch, he propelled his businesses to over $500,000 in a mere 2-3 years. His philosophy is straightforward – success in the long-term game requires a promising commitment to doing everything possible. Yash Raj Dadhich’s relentless pursuit of differentiation and consistency has positioned him among the industry’s elite in an industry as competitive as online marketing.

Inspiration from Within

Unlike conventional success stories, Yash Raj Dadhich draws inspiration from a significant figure close to home – his uncle, Manish Sharma. Guided by his uncle’s wisdom, Yash Raj has honed his negotiating skills and mastered the art of handling challenging situations.

A Visionary in a Booming Industry

As per digital market intelligence, the global digital marketing market is poised for substantial growth, reaching $360–380 billion by 2020. Yash Raj Dadhich recognises the potential within this burgeoning industry. His vision extends beyond personal success; he aspires to own multiple businesses, delivering excellence across diverse sectors.

Navigating Challenges with Creativity

In the competitive marketing era, creativity is the key to being heard by consumers. Yash Raj Dadhich’s clients commend his ability to understand the intricacies of marketing and articulate and implement strategies that resonate effectively.

Becoming the Inspirational Figure

At an age when most individuals are still admiring their ideals, Yash Raj Dadhich has emerged as an inspiration for others. Running a business at a young age is no easy feat, but his seamless navigation of challenges has earned him the reputation of being the go-to person for all marketing needs.

To connect with Yash Raj Dadhich and explore the world of innovative marketing, visit

To honour the timeless beauty of natural stones, Royale Impex brings to you ‘New Realities’


When Royale Impex decided to do Acetech 2023, they were clear they wanted their space to be more than just a marketing booth. Designed by Zoish Contractor, the display space created an amphitheatre that became a space fostering a sense of community spirit.  As you walked in, the openness of the display allowed for a natural interaction with the marble pieces and slabs. For the possible clients, the display made it easier to understand the scale and imagine the material in their utility in different spaces.

This exhibit of marble slabs also included a diverse colour range including magnificent shades blues and greens, beautifully cut to show off their fascinating veining. The idea was to break the stereotypes and a safe idea that marble slabs are just a flooring solution and can be used in subtle colours only.

To curate a surreal amalgamation of stunning marble pieces from across the globe is a form of art; and this curation was an immersive experience of the versatile beauty of these natural wonders. Every piece, had been carefully handpicked by the team to make you experience the beauty of living with luxury.

Conceptualized with a hope to get more people to interact with materials and recognise their beauty and versatility. We believe that Royale Impex’s Adit Agarwal and Sanjana Kumar along with the architect Zoish Contractor (Studio Branch Design) were successful in doing so with their marble collection.


Triumphs of Talent Awards 2023 Honors Outstanding Hall of Fame Awardees


Hyderabad (Telangana) [India]: Triumphs of Talent (ToT) is proud to announce and celebrate the exceptional achievements of its distinguished Hall of Fame awardees at the prestigious awards ceremony held on November 17th, 2023, at T-Hub in Hyderabad. This category represents the pinnacle of recognition within the HR and Business domains, acknowledging individuals whose contributions have significantly impacted their industries.

The Hall of Fame awardees, recognized for their exemplary accomplishments, encompass a group of 14 outstanding individuals whose visionary leadership and profound impact have set new benchmarks within their respective fields. These esteemed recipients epitomize excellence, embodying the spirit of innovation and dedication to driving transformative change.

The following 14 Hall of Fame awardees were celebrated for their remarkable contributions:

  1. Partha Pratim Patnaik – Global Head HR, Prolifics
  2. Gajendra Menon – Senior Director HR – Global Talent Acquisition, NTT DATA
  3. Ranbir Aggarwal – Chairman, Marolix Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd
  4. Aarthi Ramaswamy – HR Director, TIAA
  5. Ramakrishna Momidi – SVP, Deloitte
  6. Neena Chakraborty – Director – HR, GeBBS Healthcare
  7. Vibha Sharma – Defense to Development HR Visionary
  8. Vivek Mudaliar – Managing Director, Mitchell Martin India Pvt Ltd
  9. Lakshmi Nair – Executive Partner – India/South Asia – SAP Service Area Lead, IBM Consulting
  10. Manoj Nalam – Agrarian Industrialist & Philanthropist
  11. Vipul Singh – SVP Head – HR, ADP
  12. Srini Vudumula – COO, Novulis
  13. Syed Shabir – Co-Founder & CTO, Edvoy
  14. Abhisek Nag – Regional HR Director, NewGlobe

Each of these exceptional individuals has demonstrated unparalleled dedication, innovation, and leadership within their respective spheres.

Their contributions serve as an inspiration to aspiring professionals and industry peers alike, showcasing the heights that can be achieved through unwavering commitment and pioneering initiatives.

About Triumphs of Talent (ToT):

Triumphs of Talent (ToT) is a renowned platform dedicated to recognizing and celebrating excellence in the fields of HR and Business. Through its prestigious awards, ToT aims to honor outstanding individuals who have significantly contributed to the advancement and innovation of these industries. Led by visionary entrepreneur Mr Mohammed Fayaz, ToT continues to inspire and empower individuals to strive for excellence and make a profound impact in their respective domains.

Navratan: Where Beauty Meets Power in Precious Gemstones


Jaipur (Rajasthan), [India]: Navratan – the online Gem Bazar, is dedicated to the beauty and power of gemstones. Focusing on authenticity, Navratan curates a diverse collection of natural gems worldwide under one roof. The brand’s inception traces back to the ancient wisdom of the nine planets, and today, Navratan continues to keep this magical heritage alive by offering powerful gemstones associated with each world.

Navratan, the leading online gemstone, was awarded the prestigious International Business Award in December 2022. Navratan was the Most Trusted Gemstone Brand of the Year, reaffirming its commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

Rooted in a legacy that spans four generations, Navratan boasts a team of skilled gemologists, jewelry professionals, and digital experts. This expert team ensures that every customer finds the gemstone of their dreams right from the comfort of their homes. Navratan’s rich heritage and expertise set it apart as a trusted name in the gemstone industry.

Perks of choosing Navratan —

  1. Diverse Collections: Navratan has a vast inventory of gemstones, including popular choices like Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds, as well as rare finds such as Hessonites, cat eye Chrysoberyls, and Coral. The brand offers these gems at wholesale rates, unmatched online.
  2. Transparent Operations: Navratan’s dedicated team ensures fair and competitive pricing while supporting artisans in production. The brand guarantees a worry-free purchase experience with safe and secure online transactions.
  3. Certified Gemstones: Understanding the actual value of gemstones, Navratan provides free ISO-certified Gemological certificates with every purchase. Additionally, high-value gems come with certifications from international laboratories such as IGTL, GRS, GIA, SSEF, and GUBELIN.
  4. Easy Returns: Navratan offers a 10-day return window, allowing customers ample time to evaluate their gemstone or jewelry before making a final decision. The brand’s “No Questions Asked” policy ensures a hassle-free return process.
  5. Over 1 Lakh Satisfied Customers: Navratan’s commitment to customer satisfaction has earned the brand a loyal customer base across 196 countries. With a legacy of trust and quality, Navratan continues to spread happiness through its exquisite gemstones.

Navratan’s exclusive gemstone collection includes Navratna stones, Blue Sapphire (Neelam Stone), Yellow Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Cat’s Eye, Hessonite, Coral, and more. The brand also offers specific collections, gemstone pairs, and certified gemstones, ensuring a diverse range of choices for every customer.

Mayur Khillare of Jace Beverages: Quality Beverages Manufacturer of the Year 2023


Mayur Khillare, the visionary behind Jace Beverages, has been named Quality Beverages Manufacturer Honors of the Year 2023 at the renowned India Bizz Achievers Awards. This prestigious accolade, presented by acclaimed actress Ameesha Patel, celebrates Khillare’s exceptional contributions to the beverage industry.

The India Bizz Achiever’s Awards, a platform recognizing outstanding individuals and corporations, applauded Khillare’s inventive spirit and enterprising vision. Under his leadership, Jace Beverages has redefined the industry landscape, pushing the boundaries of beverage creation. Khillare’s unwavering commitment to crafting unique flavors has placed Jace Beverages in a league of its own.

Ameesha Patel’s presentation highlighted Khillare’s remarkable impact on the beverage sector, solidifying his position as Beverage Innovators of the Year 2023. His dedication continues to inspire the industry, ushering in a future of innovative and exciting beverages.


Triumphs of Talent Awards 2023 Celebrates Outstanding Excellence in HR and Business


Hyderabad (Telangana ), [India]: Triumphs of Talent (ToT) proudly concluded its much-anticipated awards ceremony on November 17th, 2023, at the esteemed T-Hub in Hyderabad. The event, which honoured remarkable achievements in the realms of HR and Business, featured esteemed industry leaders and luminaries, celebrating excellence across diverse industries.

With the esteemed presence of Mr. Srinivas Rao Mahankali (MSR), CEO of T-Hub, as the chief guest, the event was graced by the keynote speaker, Mr. Manoj Kalra, Head of GBS at DSM Firmenich. Adding to the significance of the evening was the attendance of Shri Shilpavalli, Deputy Commissioner of Police, as the special guest, further enhancing the grandeur of the occasion.

The prestigious awards recognized leaders within the HR and Business domains, acknowledging their outstanding contributions under categories such as Hall of Fame (the highest category), Visionary, Trendsetter, and Young Achievers. From an impressive pool of over 250 nominations, a distinguished panel of jury members meticulously selected 50 awardees across these four categories.

The esteemed jury panel comprised industry experts, including Rashi Shrivastava from Qentelli, Sricharan from Student Tribe, Bobby Mehta from the University of Portsmouth, Roohi Syed from, Geetha Srinivas from Media Mintand Srikant Surampudi from TCS, whose discerning evaluations ensured the recognition of the most deserving talents.

Moreover, the event featured two engaging panel discussions centred around crucial topics pertaining to awards and recognition. These discussions were expertly moderated by Dr. Dinesh Kumar Murugesan, Global Director HRSS GBS at DSM Firmenich, providing invaluable insights into the future of human capital excellence.

Triumphs of Talent (ToT), a platform dedicated to empowering excellence through recognition, was founded by Mr. Mohammed Fayaz, a visionary entrepreneur committed to revolutionizing the global human capital landscape. Fayaz leads a dynamic portfolio of businesses within the human capital ecosystem, embodying a passion for fostering talent and innovation.

The success of the event was made possible through the generous support of sponsors, including Ezyact Solutions – Title Sponsor, Growise Academy, Marolix Technology Solutions, C Prompt Solutions, Good Universe, and Employee First. Speaking about the event, a Krishna Kumar of , Cprompt Solutions, remarked, “We are thrilled to support Triumphs of Talent Awards 2023, recognizing exceptional talent and innovation. This platform aligns with our commitment to fostering excellence and transformative solutions in the HR and Business domains.

Co-founder of ToT, Leena Canjivaram, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “We are immensely proud of the calibre of talent showcased at the awards. This event signifies our commitment to honouring brilliance and fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.”

LANXESS study proves: Biocides in leather harmless to consumers


  • No migration of biocide residues from leather detectable
  • Leather contact safe for end users

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: Biocides required for the preservation of leather intermediates do not migrate out of the finished leather articles. This has now been proven in a study by the renowned FILK Institute in Freiberg, Germany. Thus, there is no risk for end consumers when wearing or getting in contact with leather products. To clarify this issue, specialty chemicals company LANXESS commissioned a study by the independent Institute for Material Testing.

The results of the migration study are critical for assessing the potential risks associated with biocide residues in leather articles. By measuring the amounts of biocide migrated, experts can assess the likelihood of human exposure and any associated risk.

In order to represent a wide range of applications, different types of leather were produced and tested: Automotive leather, shoe upper leather, garment leather and furniture leather. The samples were treated with the fungicides OPP, CMK, OIT and TCMTB, which are most commonly used in leather production. They prevent the growth of mold in leather intermediates and thereby inhibit the decomposition of the leather intermediates. The substances play an important role in the quality of the leather. All four fungicides achieved the expected results in all types of leather. Migration of biocide residues was not detectable.

Biocides in the Leather Manufacturing Process

Leather production is a complex process that involves several steps to transform raw animal hides into high-quality leather. A crucial aspect of this is the use of biocides, which protect intermediate leather products from microbial growth and spoilage.

Biocides such as PCMC (4-chloro-3-methylphenol), OPP (orthophenylphenol) (2-phenylphenol), OIT (octylisothiazolinone) and TCMTB (2-(thiocyanomethylthio)benzothiazole) are widely used in the leather tanning process. They prevent microbial attack, decay and spoilage in leather intermediates, including Wet Blue and Wet White. Their antimicrobial properties provide effective preservation of leather intermediates during production and storage.

Despite a thorough and state-of-the-art processing and treatment, finished leather products may contain biocide residues. This can raise concerns about potential risks to consumers who wear leather items such as shoes, bags and garments and thus have direct skin contact. “Our current migration study is therefore critical in providing insights into the migration of biocides from leather products. The study simulated the conditions to which leather products may be exposed during their life cycle,” says Andreas Weckmann, Technical Application Manager Leather at LANXESS.

Satisfactory results

The migration test investigated whether the four biocides migrated into a cotton fabric soaked with artificial sweat solution. All measured values were below the detection limit.

“The fact that there were no detectable biocide residues in the cotton fabrics soaked in sweat solution means an additional level of safety for the consumer. The results of the study prove that the unwanted biocide residues from the unavoidable preservation in the leather manufacturing process do not migrate out of the finished leather article,” emphasizes Weckmann.

LANXESS is one of the leading manufacturers of biocides and biocide-containing formulations. The product portfolio includes the important preservatives OPP and PCMC. Both are known to be safe biocides and are therefore used for a wide range of applications. The phenolic active ingredients are degradable at low concentrations in biological wastewater treatment plants and in the aquatic environment.

One of the most important LANXESS products for leather preservation is Preventol U-Tec G, which consists of more than 90 percent pure active ingredients and combines the strengths of phenolic biocides (PCMC and OPP) and the electrophilic-active OIT. It is applicable to all tanned hides, i.e. wet blue, chrome-free leather and vegetable tanned leather.

Onix Furniture Center Presents an Exclusive Lineup in Latest Furniture Unveiling


Bangalore (Karnataka), [India]: Renowned for its commitment to crafting exquisite furniture collections, Onix Furniture Center is all set to unveil its latest endeavour on 1st December 2023 to captivate customers with a spectacular array of new furniture like stainless steel coffee tables, leisure chairs, dining tables, and dining chairs. This release follows the remarkable success of Onix’s previous furniture launch, where the entire product inventory sold out within a mere 18 hours.

Founded in 2016 with a vision to craft a distinctive collection of furniture that stands apart, Onix Furniture Center has continuously elevated its brand reputation in the furniture industry worldwide. The company’s headquarters is located in Dubai, UAE, serving a promising presence in its branch – Bangalore, India. The company’s speciality lies in the manufacturing and supply of high-quality furniture. Among the company’s top-selling items are the sumptuous velvet upholstery, elegant marble coffee table, and opulent luxury console table—admired by clients globally and exported to over 20 countries.

With an impressive monthly export of more than 20 containers to various countries, Onix Furniture Center has upgraded equipment within a self-owned factory. The dedicated team’s commitment to excellence is evident through numerous OEM orders received internationally. Comprehending that better service leads to more tremendous success, the company strives for perfection in every aspect of its operations.

Capitalising on the overwhelming response to their previous product launch, Onix Furniture Center is launching its new furniture collection Next Month. The company is eager to replicate the same level of customer attraction and enthusiasm generated during the last release. Emphasising affordability without compromising international quality, Onix Furniture Center ensures its pricing remains pocket-friendly for the Indian consumer.

In an exciting addition to its diverse collection, Onix Furniture Center introduces a Luxury 5-piece bedroom set tailored for the wedding category consumer-friendly market. This exquisite ensemble includes a bed, wardrobe, dressing table, two side tables, and a bench. Crafted with precision and an eye for elegance, Onix Furniture Center is committed to providing premium, unique furniture solutions.

As a luxury furniture brand catering to diverse design and furniture categories such as home, office, and restaurants, Onix Furniture Center is dedicated to providing unique and premium furniture at a nominal cost. This exclusive collection’s target audience includes individuals seeking affordable luxury furniture.


Soulinaire by IHCL’s Symphony of Flavours at Palate Fest 2023


New Delhi [India]: Soulinaire, the luxury food and beverage concept by the Indian Hotels Company (IHCL), participated in this year’s highly anticipated Palate Fest, India’s premier culinary extravaganza. This culinary celebration took place at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium in Central Delhi on November 18th and 19th, 2023.

The culinary maestros at Soulinaire had meticulously crafted a menu that promises a delightful journey through diverse cuisines. The thoughtfully curated offerings include tantalizing appetizers such as Sour Cherry Dahi Bhalla, Burrata Salad and Classic Hummus with Pita. Guests savored fusion signatures like Vada Pao, and American Corn Dogs, as well as indulge in Italian specials such as Mushroom and Truffle Ravioli. An iconic dessert, the Bull’s Eye from Taj Mahal, New Delhi, added a sweet note to the experience. The menu was complemented by a selection of gourmet teas and coffees, ensuring a symphony of tastes that harmoniously blend with the vibrant atmosphere of Palate Fest.

Embracing Palate Fest’s commitment to regional and local culinary excellence, Soulinaire was dedicated to spotlighting the rich tapestry of South Asian flavours and delivering an experience that can be cherished by the whole family. Furthermore, to align with environmental consciousness, all food was presented in specially designed sustainable serveware, emphasizing Soulinaire’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and contributing to the festival’s dedication to sustainability.

“Palate Fest is a celebration of culinary diversity, and we were thrilled to be part of this vibrant event once again after the previous edition in February 2023. We’re committed to bringing a world of exquisite flavours to the table, and we showcased our culinary excellence at the much awaited event.” expresses Mr. Sudhir Barabari, General Manager at Soulinaire.

Palate Fest, acclaimed as the best in South Asia, is known for its emphasis on regional and local brands. The festival’s diverse line-up included well-established and emerging culinary brands, live music performances, chef-led masterclasses, celebrity appearances, and a range of entertainment activities suitable for all age groups. This convergence promised an unforgettable experience at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, where flavours and traditions meld into a harmonious celebration, creating an event signature to the unique charm of Soulinaire and the Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi.

For further details, please contact Surabhi Vaish at +91 9717456784,

About Soulinaire, New Delhi:

Soulinaire is a one-of-its-kind luxury food & beverage concept by Indian Hotels Company (IHCL), South Asia’s largest hospitality company, which offers location-agnostic gourmet catering. Built on its inimitable culinary repertoire, the cuisines draw inspiration from IHCL’s over 350 marquee restaurants.

Soulinaire is designed to bring together our culinary expertise, signature hospitality and impeccable service philosophy honed over 119 years to create world-class experiential events. Tailored to enhance the art of food and individuality paired with innovation, Soulinaire exudes charm right from elegant sit-downs to classic cocktail soirees. From authentic regional delicacies to modern fusions, traditional skills to avant-garde presentations, the master chefs are adept at handcrafting the perfect amalgamation of warm Indian hospitality, fine dining & exceptional service. The Chefs can also travel to any destination of your choice and curate exquisite menus with a contemporary and global approach.

For more information, please visit

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