In the age of the metaverse and artificial intelligence, where does this leave the seasoned travel designer, the human touch behind the personalized journeys that discerning travellers cherish?

According to Leena Murthy, Founder of Bengaluru-based luxury travel company The Absolute Journey, “True hidden gems like that tiny cafe or offbeat design store can only be recommended by in-the-know insiders. If AI is suggesting it, you can be sure that millions of other people are flocking to the same place.”

Experienced travel designers are artisans of the globe. AI may recommend based on algorithms, but travel designers listen, empathize, and craft bespoke journeys that reflect the personal style of each client. At The Absolute Journey, knowledgeable experts meticulously tailor itineraries that weave stories into every adventure.

Navigating the Unexpected

Travel often presents the unexpected – a weather disruption, a sudden change in plans, or a cultural event not to be missed. AI struggles to adapt, but expert travel designers have the ability to pivot seamlessly, ensuring that the journey remains extraordinary.

Hidden Gems and Exclusive Access

In an era when tourists flock to iconic sites, The Absolute Journey’s travel designers reveal the secret spots, the hidden gems that AI databases often overlook. They have the insider connections that open doors to private vineyard tours, exclusive dinners with local chefs, or intimate cultural experiences.

The Ultimate Luxury: Time

Perhaps the most precious luxury in the world is time. While AI may require hours of sifting through endless options, travel designers at The Absolute Journey streamline the process, presenting choices that reflect the traveler’s style and aspirations.

The Future: A Blend of Art and AI

At The Absolute Journey, we believe in the harmonious blend of art and AI. Our travel designers harness the power of technology to enhance, not replace, our bespoke offerings. We leverage AI to streamline logistics and access the latest travel information. This allows our travel designers to focus on what truly matters: creating unforgettable journeys that resonate with the soul of the traveller.

In a world where technology offers a multitude of choices, an experienced travel designer is the compass that navigates the vast landscape of travel. The question isn’t AI or travel designers; it’s how AI augments the capabilities of the travel designer, making the experience even more exceptional.

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