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Join Kingston Technology’s Year End Celebration Extravaganza Now!


  • Now win exciting prizes like MacBook Air, Paytm e-vouchers and more with the purchase of Kingston products
  • Elevate your celebrations by participating and getting a chance to win big prizes, including MacBook Air, exclusive e-vouchers, and exciting Kingston goodies

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: With year end just around the corner, Kingston Technology, a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, continued its Festive Bonanza Special Offer on a full swing. The company recently kickstarted a lucky draw promotion that offers customers a chance to win exciting prizes, including a MacBook Air, Paytm e-vouchers, Kingston mouse pads, and more.

As the world’s largest independent producer of memory modules and being the No.1 brand for SSDs, excelling in product performance, reliability, customer service and warranty, Kingston announced its festive bonanza offer which is open to all and it will run from till December 31, 2023.

To enter the Festive Bonanza Special Offer, customers simply need to purchase any Kingston products from one of the participating partners during the promotion period. Participating partners include a variety of authorized Kingston retailers, both online and offline. Once a customer has purchased a Kingston product, they can visit the lucky draw URL to enter their purchase details and contact information. Customers can only enter once per purchase. E-voucher and Kingston mouse pad winners will be drawn every week, while MacBook Air winners will be drawn every month. The winners will be notified by email and/or phone.

“Kingston has always been a part and parcel of our customer’s festive memories. Hence, this festive season, we are thrilled to bring our Festive Bonanza Special Offer, a lucky draw promotion that offers customers a chance to win exciting prizes. We thank our customers for their continued support throughout the year and look forward to being a part of their festive journey as #KingstonIsWithYou. On behalf of Kingston family, wishing everyone a great and auspicious Diwali full of love, laughter, and prosperity.” said Mr. Tejashwar Singh, India Sales Head, Kingston Technology.

People who want to upgrade for work, education or play shouldn’t miss this opportunity. So, hurry!

For more details about the lucky draw: https://kingston-event.com/india/yearend2023 )

Redpixel Printworks Unveils a Paradigm Shift in Print-on-Demand, Pioneering the Customization Revolution


Mumbai (Maharashtra), [India]: Redpixel Printworks Pvt Ltd, the avant-garde online platform, has emerged as a transformative force in the digital print industry, presenting a diverse array of customisable print products tailored to meet the distinctive requirements of global businesses.

In the wide range of online commerce businesses, Redpixel has positioned itself as a trendsetter, specialising in personalised print products such as Spot UV or Foil print business cards, letterheads, brochures, catalogues, calendars, flyers, and various other marketing or promotional collateral.

A Vision Brought to Life: From Lockdown Concept to Premier Online Destination

Conceived by an IT graduate during the lockdown, redpixels.in has swiftly ascended to prominence, securing its status as the preeminent online destination for print products. Mr Vishal B, a renowned Technology Partner, expressed his thoughts on the company’s vision, stating, “We aspired to materialise our expertise, and Redpixels.in is a proof to our ideation. I am pleased to contribute to the organisation’s commitment to delivering an unparalleled user experience, cost-effective pricing, and top-notch products essential for businesses of any scale.”

Differentiators that Elevate Redpixel

Redpixel, based in Mumbai, is a leading print-on-demand service provider and aggregator in the vast e-commerce landscape. The platform offers various customisable print products tailored for events, exhibitions, marketing, and promotional activities. With swift turnaround times and complimentary shipping available across India, coupled with international shipments facilitated through esteemed logistics partnerships, Redpixel ensures global accessibility.

The Redpixel website houses an intuitive online DIY tool, empowering customers to design their print products effortlessly. Complemented by their in-house design studio providing professional assistance and fortified by strategic collaborations with top print suppliers and in-house production capabilities, Redpixel delivers superior-quality products at competitive prices.

In a nod to the significance of real-time and human support, Redpixel has adopted a WhatsApp-based customer support system for inquiries and order tracking, underscoring a commitment to personalised assistance rather than automated BOT solutions.

Bespoke Solutions for Every Business

Irrespective of the business scale, Redpixel offers tailor-made print solutions that enhance brand identity. Renowned for its economical pricing, premium finishing, and responsive solutions, Redpixel has become an indispensable resource for businesses of varying sizes.

“Redpixel has genuinely transformed our brand image, excelling in everything from design to printing. We consider them the premier service provider for our print requirements,” shared Mr Swapnil Shirke from Max Spare Limited.

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Redpixel’s Reseller Program

Redpixel has recently expanded its reseller program, welcoming entrepreneurs, graphic designers, print companies, freelancers, and media agencies. The program presents special prices and profit margins, allowing resellers to leverage Redpixel’s success and generate income through its diverse product range.

More than just a platform, Redpixel represents a movement, revolutionising the print-on-demand landscape with a steadfast commitment to user experience, affordability, and high-quality products. Redpixel is a beacon, guiding businesses as they evolve and turn dreams into tangible, customised realities.

Contact Details:-


Email: sales@redpixels.in

Phone Number: +91 22 69718186

WhatsApp: +91 8080009089

Unveiling the Artistic Odyssey of Binod Mallick: A Champion of the Working Class


Within the dynamic domain of modern Indian art, Binod Mallick emerges as a versatile artist, excelling in painting, printmaking, and animation. His artistic odyssey is deeply intertwined with a profound empathy for the working class. A graduate of Visva-Bharati University in Santiniketan, Binod brings extensive experience, including six years devoted to teaching and an additional three years in the Design Department.

His artistic expertise recently earned him a place in the Genius Artist Award for the year 2023 from the Magic Book of Record, proof of his exceptional contributions to the world of visual arts. However, Binod’s journey goes beyond personal accolades; it is deeply rooted in a commitment to education and social upliftment.

Originating from Kanchrapara, West Bengal, Binod finds inspiration in his upbringing within a family deeply connected to the working class. His father, a coal miner, and his mother, a humble homemaker, imparted a distinct outlook on life. Growing up in a camp in Hyderabad exposed him to the daily challenges of coal miners and labourers, influencing his artistic sensibilities. Returning to Kolkata, where his uncles worked as carpenters, further enhanced Binod’s comprehension of the working-class environment. These foundational experiences became the wellspring of his artistic expression. Selecting “Working Class Society” as his creative theme, Binod embarked on a mission to encapsulate the essence of their lives and struggles.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, Binod wears the hat of the Chairman and Director of Indian Contemporary Art and culture. It was established in 2023 and officially registered as a Newspaper Department in 2023, reflecting Binod’s dedication to providing quality fine art education to underprivileged and Needy Talented children. He previously headed the Fine Arts Department of Maa Anandmayee Memorial School and recently worked as a fine arts teacher and graphic designer at Viswam School (CBSE) Andhra Pradesh. Viswam School Principal, Dr S. ROSELIN PRIYA (PhD), always supports Binod in his ups and downs.

In the past, Binod created an NGO, the S. N Das Art and Cultural Trust, for needy and talented students. NITI Aayog and MSME registered the NGO as a Non-Governmental Organisation in 2020, serving as a ray of hope for economically disadvantaged children. Again, in 2023, Binod created a News Department for talented students, serving artwork and innovative life history. The news department is registered by ISO & MSME (Government of India).

Through tireless efforts and support from fellow members, Binod focuses on imparting free-of-cost art education to children in slums and those from daily-wage labourer families.

Binod Mallick, sponsored twice by Polo Company, has organised events and provided art supplies to nurture budding talents. Collaborating with four artists from Bengal, Assam, Rajasthan, and Mumbai, the trust aims to empower these children with skills for a brighter future.

Binod Mallick’s narrative is one of artistic brilliance intertwined with a deep sense of social responsibility. His brushstrokes paint canvases and transform lives, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of humanity.

For further queries, please visit: https://www.binodmallick.in/

The Fast Lane Hero: Jasprit Singh’s Extraordinary Superbike Expedition


New Delhi, [India]: In a tale of inspirational determination and passion, celebrated Superbiker Jasprit Singh marked an essential chapter in his life by fulfilling a dream over a span of six years. From the humble beginnings of riding his mother’s Kinetic Honda during his college days to becoming an influential figure in the superbiking community, Jasprit’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

Jasprit currently works as a Country Director in a Pvt MNC with over 20 years of experience in the domain; he has nurtured expertise in India and the Philippines. In 2003, fueled by the second month’s salary from his first job, Jasprit embarked on his superbiking odyssey by purchasing a Royal Enfield Thunderbird on EMI. After six years and an impressive three lakh kilometres on the same bike, he switched to a RE Classic 350. However, his unwavering determination led him to set his sights on the ultimate goal—a superbike that would redefine his life.

His heart was set on the Triumph Rocket3, captivated by the allure of twin headlamps on a bike. The arduous journey began in 2014 when Jasprit committed to saving INR 30,000 per month, inching closer to his seemingly impossible dream. Jasprit focused on the Triumph Rocket3 (2500 cc), month after month and year after year, on the only twin headlamp superbike that caught his eye. In 2021, after years of saving, he made that dream a reality.

Amidst the chorus of well-meaning advice urging him to invest his savings in more traditional assets, Jasprit remained resolute. For six years, he diligently saved, battling the ever-present temptation to divert his funds. The day arrived when he stood before the dealership, armed with the culmination of years of dedication, and booked his dream superbike.

The delivery of the Triumph Rocket3 marked a life-changing moment for Jasprit Singh, transforming him from an ordinary individual to a revered superbiker. The emotions stirred as he observed others looking at him with the same admiration he once held for superbike enthusiasts.

Jasprit’s journey extends beyond the joy of owning a superbike; it embodies values that connect with a broader audience. As a superbiker and influencer, he recognises the responsibility of being an inspiration, particularly to the younger generation who look up to him. His advocacy spans Riding with all gears and Men’s Mental health.

In addition to his passion for superbikes, Jasprit has been an avid promoter of Superbikes, Supercars, Luxury Cars, and Adventure Sports. Clocking over 32,000 km on his Rocket3 in the last two years, he has embraced a new way of life and become an integral part of the motorsport community in India.

Jasprit’s adventurous spirit is further exemplified by epic journeys, such as the Yamunotri Dham yatra on his Rocket3, navigating challenging terrains and emerging victorious. His Delhi to Gujarat ride, covering over 1,000 km in 19 hours, showcased his biking prowess and the profound impact a superbiker can have on the perception of the common world.

As Jasprit Singh continues to ride with all Gears and remains influential in promoting Riding with all Gears and Men’s Mental Health, his journey exemplifies the transformative power of chasing one’s dreams.

Empowering Women on Wheels: Divya Sandhu’s Inspiring Two-Wheeled Tale


Madhya Pradesh, [India]: Embarking on her first motorcycle ride to Leh in 2003, Divya Sandhu, a 38-year-old inspiring figure, has carved an extraordinary path over the last 19 years, etching her name in the annals of motorcycle history. Walking on the path of her inspiration, Kalpana Chawla, Divya crafted her journey with promising determination and resilience.

In a society where family support was scarce, Divya, the first female child in her family, defied norms. Undeterred by challenges, she left college to pursue employment, fueled by the dream of owning a motorcycle to satiate her wanderlust.

Divya’s journey took her beyond borders after tying the knot at the age of thirty-eight, even leading to her arrest for a non-pass entry in 2007. Her gallantry shone in 2009 when she saved a rape victim’s life during a trip to Banihal in Jammu and Kashmir. A survivor of a 2015 road accident that landed her in a coma, Divya emerged stronger, becoming a national player, motorcycle trainer, and swim coach.

Divya Sandhu, a survivor of a life-altering accident in April 2015, shares the transformative experience that led her to advocate for motorcycle safety. The incident left her with multiple fractures, compelling her to reevaluate the importance of proper safety gear, especially helmets.

Determined to make a difference, Divya Sandhu has launched a mission to promote motorcycle safety and encourage female riders nationwide. As the founder of the Divya International Women’s Academy (D.I.W.A.), a motorcycle training school exclusively for females, she has successfully trained over 150 women since its inception in 2017.

Divya, a motorcycle trainer and ride coordinator, has collaborated with multiple motorcycle brands such as Suzuki, KTM, Royal Enfiled, Triumph, T.V.S, Honda, and many more. She has an impressive track record of covering over 8,00,000 kilometres and riding around 40 motorcycles up to 2,500. She holds an L3 certification from the Apex Academy.

Besides her prowess on two wheels, Divya Sandhu brings over 12 years of experience in marketing and public relations, having worked with esteemed brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ritu Kumar, Lladro, and Rolex. Her diverse skill set includes expertise in off-roading, street riding, and tracks, making her a well-rounded professional in the motorcycle community.

Beyond her achievements in motorcycling, Divya Sandhu is a multi-faceted individual, engaging in activities such as painting, classical dance, state-level sports, yoga, and motivational speaking. Her commitment to social responsibility is evident through her role as an influencer for Monster Drink India and Motul India.

An adventurer at heart, Divya Sandhu’s zeal for exploration extends beyond her motorcycle exploits. She has traversed India’s scenic landscapes five times, all alone. Through thrilling journeys to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the captivating region of Sikkim, she has shared tales of experiences. From a 7-day trip featuring fly days to rides spanning 112 kilometres to Pelling, 100 kilometres to Gangtok, and a memorable 333-kilometre Royal Enfield Himalayan expedition, Divya Sandhu’s adventures weave a rich tapestry of discovery and resilience on the open road.

Divya Sandhu’s impressive records include several feats recognised by the India Book of Records, such as completing a 5Lac km motorcycle expedition, covering 25,000 km in 45 days for the cause of education and against child labour, and accomplishing round-trip expeditions in record time.

As Divya Sandhu continues to break barriers and inspire others, her journey stands as proof of the indomitable spirit of women in the world of motorcycling.

Shantanu Bhamare Jailer’s Role Has Become Highlight of Fire Of Love: RED Hindi Feature Film Releasing on 24th November 2023


The wait is finally over for romance movie fans as the much-awaited Fire of Love: RED is releasing on 24th November 2023 in the theatres worldwide. This upcoming romantic drama, directed by acclaimed filmmaker, brings together an all-star cast and a gallant crew and it promises to be an unforgettable cinematic experience.

The film stars Krushna Abhishek, Payal Ghosh, Shantanu Bhamare, Kanchan Bhor, etc.. The film has been written and directed by Legendry & Gold Medallist Mr. Ashok Tyagi and has been produced by Rajeev Chaudhari, Jagannath Waghmare and Rekha Surendra Jagtap. The film has been Co-Produced by Shantanu Bhamare and he has played Significant Role Of A Jailer (which has become highlight of the movie) against Famous Kamlesh Sawant (who has worked with Ajay Devgan in Drishyam and worked with Amitabh Bachchan in Bhoothnath Returns, Khaki, Force, etc.). The film is Presented by Avantika Dattatray Patil under the banner Avanti Prajakta Arts.

Shantanu Bhamare is a multi-talented personality- great mix of art and commerce in Bollywood!  He is a Producer & an Actor in Bollywood i.e. Hindi Film Industry.

Shantanu Bhamare has performed the role of a Jailer, in this film Fire Of Love: RED, who helps  Kamlesh Sawant (‘Drishyam’ fame) who plays a cop in Fire Of Love: RED!  This significant role of a Jailer is portrayed by Shantanu is coming up as highlight of the film – Fire Of Love: RED!  Shantanu, being a stage & theatre artist was able to enact this powerful role of a jailer in front of veteran actor Kamlesh Sawant without any retake!

Actor Kamlesh Sawant is all praises for Shantanu’s work as jailer in film Fire Of Love: RED! Shantanu asserts that he will continue to be Co-Producer as well as actor and Shantanu desires to work with his friend Rajeev Chaudhari in his future film projects too because of great understanding, positive vibration and unity between them.

The film promises to be a rollercoaster that will leave audiences captivated. With its intriguing posters and teaser, Fire Of Love: RED has already generated significant buzz and anticipation among cinephiles. The film is set to release on 27th October 2023 in the theatres worldwide.

The Trailer & Songs of the film has been already released on Zee Music giving a glimpse into the world of the film. The trailer promises a riveting tale of love, heartbreak, and redemption, with breathtaking visuals, soulful music, and powerful performances that are bound to leave audiences eagerly anticipating the film’s release.

Prior to Fire Of Love: RED Shantanu has played various roles in Collar Bomb (2021), Mantra (2017), Enemmy (2013), Dosti Ke Side Effects (2019) & Jhalki (2019) Hindi Feature Films.

Shantanu Bhamare as promised to famous Aaj Tak News Channel in his interview on achieving 1 million views of Teri Aashiqui Mein Romantic Album in which he acted in lead role as well as produced the album, giving opportunities to newcomers in his Hindi Video Albums and Hindi Web Series, which very commendable, as in the Bollywood Film Industry it’s very hard for newcomers to get a break. Once of such Hindi Video Albums he produced is ‘Baby De Ek Chance’ – Romantic Pop Item Song. In which he gave opportunity to 12 newcomers, they were actually models, they didn’t have any prior acting experience, they were trained before the video shooting and then actual shooting happened at Alibag Beach. This Hindi Video Album received more than 3 Lakhs, 12 Thousand organic views in short period of time!

Shantanu Bhamare recently acted in two Hindi Web Series one is Scooter Riston Ka in which he played role of a Groom and another one is Full Marriage, Half Marriage, No Marriage in which he played role of a Tantrik Baba. Both Hindi Web Series will be either released on prestigious Amazon Prime OTT or Disney Hotstar OTT under banner of ClickTV.

His upcoming Hindi Feature Films are Shaque- The Doubt!, New York to Haridwar, Breaking News, Sorry Mother & Bhagwa. In all of these Hindi Feature Films, he is going to play significant various character roles. He is all up to doing different roles let it be serious ones, romantic ones, comedy ones as he trained and multi-talented actor!

Maya Universe Presents Greatest of Dance (GOD): A Spectacular Dance Extravaganza Uniting Talent Nationwide


Chennai (Tamil Nadu), [India]: Maya Universe, spearheaded by the visionary Dr. Sharanya.T, renowned gynecologist and a luminary in blending medicine, artistry, and entrepreneurship, proudly announces the launch of “Greatest of Dance (GOD),” set to become the pinnacle of dance competitions in the country. This initiative aims to spotlight India’s diverse cultural heritage and artistic expressions through an unparalleled celebration of talent and unity. Western dance is an art form that incorporates many diverse cultures, forms, and curricula; and this show aims at acknowledging and promoting it.

Scheduled for December 2nd and 3rd at the prestigious Anna Centenary Library Auditorium in Chennai, GOD promises to bring together exceptional talent, showcasing various dance forms, and fostering an atmosphere of creativity and camaraderie. The event serves as a national platform for aspiring young dancers to display their skills, compete at a grand level, and network with fellow enthusiasts who share fervor for dance.

GOD features a range of categories designed to encapsulate the breadth of dance styles and age groups. The Battle categories encompass kids and adults with open style and hip hop variations while the Choreography segment spans Kids, Girls, and Adults divisions.

Key highlights of the event:

  • Battle events to be conducted as Irudhi Suttru Extreme in collaboration with The Chennai Dance Palace, Perambur, headed by Sudhan and Krish.
  • Dance categories are open style and hip hop for kids, adults, and All Girls teams.
  • For the first time in India, 10 national judges in the same panel including Ruel, Pravin G, Sambo Mukherjee, Akanksha Sharma, and many others.
  • For the first time in India, 10 lakhs worth cash prize and merchandise.

This monumental event is poised to attract an illustrious array of celebrities across diverse industries. Among the esteemed guests anticipated to grace the occasion are Dr M. Mathiventhan, Minister For Forests Tamil Nadu, the renowned dance sensation Baba Bhaskar master, actress and professional dancer Sangeetha Krish, and the beloved comedian, Pugazh (popularly known as Vijay Tv Pugazh), among many others. Their presence is set to elevate the event into a spectacular showcase that will resonate with the dance community and captivate audiences.

For individuals eager to immerse themselves in this unparalleled celebration of dance, ticketing details, and further event information are available through the following contacts:

Contact Numbers: 9962587788, 9962507788

Email: info.godance23@gmail.commayauniverse23@gmail.com

Instagram: @god_greatestofdance.india, @mayauniverse_.

Join us as we witness the birth of a legendary dance event, where the spirit of dance thrives, and moments of joy and celebration waits. Together, let us embark on this journey of artistic excellence and cultural unity at Greatest of Dance (GOD)!

For media inquiries, interviews, or additional information, please contact:

Tie Up PR:  8939570319

Health check-up camp on 26/11 Martyrs’ Day with PM Modi’s message; Manoj Kumar Jain extended support


New Delhi [India]: In observance of the 26/11 Martyrs’ Day, a mega health check-up camp was organised today, aligning with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s message of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas.’ The camp, a collaborative effort of Sanjeevan Hospital, Shroff Eye Charitable Hospital, Golden Lanes Metropolitan Club, and Darya Ganj RW Federation, offered comprehensive examinations including cardio, eye, dental, ENT, and more.

Manoj Kumar Jain, the nominated municipal councillor, shared that hundreds of individuals benefited from the camp. Tests such as blood tests, blood sugar checks, ECG, ultrasound, X-rays, and non-cataract eye examinations were conducted. Free eyeglasses were distributed to those in need.

Dharmendra Dhingra, President of the Federation, Yogesh Jain, Minister Anurag Seth, and other prominent figures actively supported the successful organisation of this crucial camp.

Manoj Kumar Jain’s Contributions as a Social Worker

Manoj Kumar Jain, currently serving as an nominated municipal councillor in Delhi, has made significant positive contributions to the social sector. In 2013, he founded the NGO “Sahayog Delhi,” actively involved in assisting thousands in need for the past ten years. Before this, he served as the President of the “Tarun Mitra Parishad.”

During natural disasters, Jain played an active role in relief efforts, such as distributing ration, meals, and aid materials during the COVID-19 pandemic, benefiting over thousands of affected individuals.

He has actively participated in various social activities to address societal issues, including resolving sealing problems, facilitating youth marriages, and organising sports competitions. His tireless efforts signify his unwavering dedication to the community’s progress.

Manoj Kumar Jain’s dedication as a social worker stands as a testament to his contributions, demonstrating his willingness to contribute even more to the welfare of the community. From the dawn of his years, सेवा और सहयोग (Serve and Support) became a life mantra for Mr. Jain.

Aloha Academy National Level Arithmetic Competition Held in Surat


4000 students participated in the national-level Aloha Arithmetic Competition, out of which more than 1500 students were declared winners.

Surat (Gujarat) [India]: Aloha organized a national-level arithmetic competition under Battle of Brains at Platinum Hall, Sarsana. In which more than 4000 students aged 4 to 14 years from different states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Jammu and Kashmir participated in the competition. About 1500 students who came to participate were declared winners.

In the Battle of Brains competition, the number of examples and questions in different categories ranged from 70 to 120, which students were given only 6 minutes to solve, the students who solved the paper in this time were declared the winners. The name of the winner of the competition was announced the next day in the award ceremony held in the indoor stadium with a colorful program in which every student and parent participated enthusiastically.

Global collaboration in focus as International Hardware Fair debuts in New Delhi


  • The Grand first edition of International Hardware Fair India to be held from 2nd December to 4th December, 2023 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.
  • The India hand tools market, valued at USD 342.8 million in 2022, is anticipated to grow at a 4.3% CAGR, reaching USD 416.2 million by 2029.
  • The India power tools market, valued at US$ 802.1 million in 2022, is projected to achieve an 8.9% CAGR from 2023 to 2030, signals vast opportunities for hardware industry.

New Delhi, [India]: Embarking on a grand debut in New Delhi, the International Hardware Fair India promises to unlock the power of hardware, hand tools and accessories, connecting global exhibitors with India’s vibrant industrial landscape. The debut edition of the event is powered by EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair Cologne, Germany, the world’s largest trade show in this segment. The event will take place at Hall 2 & 3, Pragati Maidan in New Delhi from December 2-4, 2023, featuring over 250 international exhibitors and 7000 trade buyers from India, Taiwan, Germany, China, Turkey, Korea amongst others. Amidst this global showcase, the hardware industry in India is currently valued at around 2500 Cr, with diverse segments such as hand tool, power tool, and the remaining in abrasives, architectural hardware, gardening tools, furniture & electrical hardware, etc. This convergence not only promises to present the latest innovations but also signifies the continued growth and bright future of India’s hardware industry.

Speaking at the announcement, Mr Milind Dixit, Managing Director, Koelnmesse Pvt Ltd said, “India’s power tools market, valued at approx. US$ 800 million in 2022, is projected to surge at a CAGR of 8.9% from 2023 to 2030, fuelled by the increasing adoption of cordless tools and India’s rapid infrastructure expansion. The hand tools market is also poised for steady growth, reaching approx. US$ 415 million by 2029, mirroring India’s expanding industries and evolving consumer demands. The International Hardware Fair 2023 stands as a pivotal platform for global collaboration, aligning international expertise with India’s ambitious growth plans and propelling the ‘Make in India’ initiative on a global scale.”

The event will centre on the demand for premium hand tools, power tools, specialty tools, abrasives, etc., and offer a great opportunity to build vital relationships in the industrial supply chain across multiple industries. The first edition is expected to bring together trade visitors from the manufacturing industry’s various segments, including heavy engineering, aviation, OEMs, construction and infrastructure, automobile/automobile service, woodworking and furniture, gardening and horticulture, DIY and more.

International Hardware Fair India is a gateway to discover various opportunities and build successful business relationships with hundreds of participating companies and industry leaders. Some of the key exhibitors include H.R. International, Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI), Powertex Tools Co. Pvt. Ltd., D.P. Garg & Co. Pvt. Ltd., FMI Limited and others.

The event garnered extensive support from key national and international industrial associations like Engineering Export Promotion Council of India, Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers Association, Bhutan Hardware Association, Ludhiana Hand Tools Association, Jamnagar Factory Owners Association, Fasteners Manufacturers Association of India, Jamnagar Hardware Manufacturers Association, Chamber of Industrial & Commercial Undertakings, Alwar Hardware Merchants Association, New Timber Market Dealers Association, Haridwar Hardware Association and others.

The event’s key highlights include an Innovative Product Showcase Zone showcasing the most innovative and in-trend hardware tools and accessories, live technical product demonstrations, open seminar, and new launches. The event emerges as a gateway to unmatched business opportunities. Positioned at the forefront of growth, this inaugural edition is poised to catalyse future success for the industry.

For more information about International Hardware Fair India, please click on https://hardwarefair-india.com/

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